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Reply Mon 2 May, 2005 11:46 pm
How to digitize VHS
Just a quick heads up for those who want to digitize video.

You will need:

  • A VCR[/*:m]
  • A USB video transfer connector [/*:m]
  • Software to digitize/encode the raw stream[/*:m]

The transfer connector or "video capture" hardware is sometimes bundled with software to complete the task. For example "Dazzle - Digital Video Creator" can be purchased for around 90 dollars with both the USB dongle and the software to digitize.

Other tips on digitizing can be posted here, but the above recommendation is enough for techies to figure it out.
Peter Frouman
Reply Thu 29 Jun, 2006 06:17 am
tape and film digital transfer services available
For those who don't have the time or equipment to digitize, they can send their tapes or film to me for free processing if it is suitable for an archive of COG/TF related video footage. I can handle standard NTSC/PAL/SECAM VHS and VHC-C tapes and have located a third party service provider for several other formats.

Please send an email or PM describing the footage you have before sending it so I can determine if I already have the footage described or need it in another format for long term preservation.

I am primarily interested in video footage that is not widely available to the general public. I am interested in content such as the following.
    promotional or fund raising videos fellowship videos video footage of prominent current or former members and notable non-members with some connection to the organization television news videos (especially non-English and anything from the 1970s and 1980s - also looking for "Chronolog: They Call Me Moses" and "The Ultimate Trip") home videos featuring members (at the time of filming) of Children of God/The Family talk shows documentary films fictional films clearly based specifically on the activities, history or practices of COG/TF some footage already in the video archive which I don't have in a format suitable for archival (this includes Memorial footage, KFMB and KVOA reports, etc.) footage from footage database [url=]lists[/url] footage of the following: [url=]Larry King Live - 'The Family' - Preachers or Pornographers? - October 20, 1993[/url], [url=]Geraldo Rivera: Former cultists comment on requirements made of them by their leaders - July 29, 1992[/url], [url=]CBS News: Woman breaks away from religious cult that promoted prostitution and sexual abuse of their children - July 15, 1998[/url]

Please do not send any of the following:
    footage which depicts minors (under the age of 21) nude or participating in any type of erotic dancing or sexual activity. (If you know or have reason to believe that the footage is evidence of a crime committed against a child you should consult an attorney and/or a law enforcement agency.) footage primarily about cults other than COG/TF (unless it has a noteworthy clip specifically about the COG/TF)

Here are the fomats accepted. Please inquire if you have footage in another format as the service may be able to process it.
    VHS VHS-C SVHS 8mm (tape) Digital 8 miniDV DVCAM DVD Pro BetaMax BetaSP (large and small formats) mini DVD MicroMV.

film types
    Regular 8 Super 8 16mm

Instuctions for film rolls

let me know the number of film rolls you will be sending in:
    # of 3-inch rolls (50 ft of film - 4 minutes) # of 5-inch rolls (200 ft of film - 15 minutes) # of 7-inch rolls (400 ft of film - 30 minutes)

Total Duration of Film (Approx.) -

If you'd like the service to transfer your film reels in a particular order, please number them 1 through X. Remember to keep the film grouped by type, numbering all the 8mm reels separately from the 16mm reels. If you decide not to number some of the reels, the service will just transfer them randomly.

General shipping instructions

Footage tapes and film reels should be mailed to:

P. Frouman
P.O. BOX 1652
AUSTIN TX 78767-1652

If the footage you have is irreplaceable, please make a copy of it first or do not send it at all unless you want to risk losing it forever. In some cases I can provide reimbursement for making a copy to send instead of the original or as a replacement in case the original is permanently lost or damaged. In some other cases, I can also provide partial or total reimbursement for insurance coverage and shipping costs. If you are sending your footage via any carrier other than the US Postal Service or your national postal service, please inquire for special instructions.
Peter John
Reply Sun 15 Jul, 2007 11:08 am
Hello for those who are in need of help in the PAL you can send the tapes to:
3B Video productions
Finska 67

format accepted:
Beta SP

If you want to have the analog tape transfered into digital include a digital tape of your choice such as mini DV or a DVD disc (writable)

I will do all for free only include the postal for the returning.

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