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Reply Mon 3 Sep, 2007 05:00 pm
Reply to Mo blaming mother for childs behavior
I would like to let Mo and MARIA or whatever she is called that you were wrong in blaming my mother JOHANNA aka SHARON for my misbehavior in TEEN TERRORS Mo letter. It is mentioned time and time again that she was a neglegant bad parrent and needed to be punished along with me just because I was a ROTTEN APPLE.That was not her fault and there was nothing she could have done to prevent me from becomming the TEEN TERROR I was.The reason she was not such a on hands parrent with me was because she was always too ocupied trying to serve you and be a good child of GOD.She put the CHILDREN OF GOD and MO above her own children my whole life .That was her desire and mission in life.I was not into the whole wacked idea from the start and was without a doubt a true ROTTEN APPLE. My mother was rebuked and punished by leadership and even ex communicated for a time for no reason.She never did anything wrong.She was one of the most loyal followers and perfect in the eyes of leadership.So just for the record MARIA you were unjust in your dealings with my mother in TEEN TERRORS. YOU ARE SO STUPID AND THINK YOU KNOW EVERYTHING AND WHAT IS GOOD FOR EVERYBODY AND YOU ARE ABOUT AS STUPID AS YOU LOOK.I WISH I COULD DEMONSTRATE SOME REAL TEEN TERROR FOR YOU PERSONALLY. Jason (aka.John)
Reply Thu 27 Dec, 2007 06:31 pm
Yes Jason, you were a rebel, but you were not alone.

The insanity of Panayaque was obvious as it took security clearances for us provincials to even come there for a yearly trip, and yet there were your so called ADULKTS drinking beer at the first Sari Sari store in Parangquque when we go through the gates. They were as proud, and arrogant and aloof as any human beings could ever get, but they just didn;t get it. And you youth, were obviously out of control, and not just you Jason. It came from the adults and leadership, and yet you teens got the blame and it seems your mother...and some parents.

But it stemmed basically from the totally devoid and devilish and tyranical and diabloically evil Sam Perfilio, who is now second in command in the Family.

He is a snake of snakes and a rapist and murderer, and so his time is coming, before he enters the pits of hell for what he has done to so many. Hope you make it, Jason despite your upbringing. Our kids survived because we kept them away from F upbringing and keep them away from big city leadeship and their so called fellowships.
Cookie 2
Reply Sun 30 Dec, 2007 05:57 pm
i don't know where you gleaned your information for leadership chain placements, but u have your information wrong when you claim that Sam Perfilio is second in command.
Reply Wed 2 Jan, 2008 09:13 am
Jayjay wrote:

...Sam Perfilio...

He is a snake of snakes and a rapist and >murderer<...
Murderer? No way.

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