How can Exer wounds be healed

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Indian Joe 1
Reply Fri 28 Oct, 2005 06:00 am
WalkerJ wrote:
Fisherman, since you brought up the subjects of having been banned from other forums:
You still haven't answered my question of how you think you might have been at fault. (posted here)

You've already told us all about the "hypocrisy of the conspiring editors" of other boards. Now can you place yourself in their shoes for a minute and tell us why they might feel justified in having banned you?

I'll be interested in hearing Jay's reply, since I personally have been involved in banning him from at least three ex-member websites. Of course, I fully understand the reasons behind my own decisions to ban him. I would be interested to see his take on these incidents.
Reply Fri 28 Oct, 2005 08:34 am
If you gentlemen are sincere in your questions start a whole new thread about ME and first declare my sin as an introduction and then I can answer you not a problem.

Never heard of you Indian Joe, must have changed your name a few times. And Walker, do consider this as we don;t want to negate this topic with your side issue and past accussation.

So now back to healing as I have always fought against Wrath as a means of healing, and yet don;t want to say anything about this in detail before Saturday.

So Indian and Walker what was your healing method that worked so well with you two. Was it the same healing method, did it involve blaming others.

But anyway start that new thread, and you two together can surely come up with enough accussations to make a good sart of a new thread. If past accussations are considered a TOPIC of INTEREST. But seeing on most boards, moderaters try and force people to follow the thread topic. So let's do that on this one.

Please see the rules of most discussion boards. Thanks
Jack 2
Reply Fri 28 Oct, 2005 10:54 am
Wow Fisterman! You are phenomenally stupid. They write text books about this crap.

fisherman wrote:
And don;t worry about my spelling and English composition, I always hated word twisters and artsy types that manipulated words, I was a Science Graduate and wasn't into manipulation at all, just give me facts and experiements and the discovery of truths and the real world. And do look it up as the elctromagnetic field is 69/70's invisable. Amazing huh, Jack, Hope you haven't deleted all its properties and truths from your intellectual search, otherwise you are only seeing 1/70th of what is really there.

I'm less concerned about your English composition as I am your mental well being. I seriously doubt you were a science graduate and elctromagnetic [sic] fields have nothing to do with this conversation. You are insane. I also happen to know a tremendous amount about electrodynamics.
fisherman wrote:
But shall keep my word in not giving my healing method until Saturday or beyond......

Why don't you hold off on giving your healing methods until your dawg Jesus comes back?
fisherman wrote:
Is there no EX FM Here who joined for the Lord....... or did all FM's Here just join out of hopes in becoming leaders to gain the perks thereof.

I think the general consensus is that all FGAs joined for the Lord. With the exception of you. You joined so you'd have something to model your own skewed religion after.
fisherman wrote:
Jack, I always like to respond in full to those that take the time to respond to correspond respectfully... my comments to yours in ...(...)

Of course, it's unfortunate that you never actually respond to any questions brought to you in full. But then again, that's not The Family way is it? I also wish you could learn to use the quote feature. It's not very hard and it makes everything a lot easier to read.
fisherman wrote:
anti-god anti-poor Canada .. ..What are you doing for anyone but yourself and your alleged Jesus fellow Fisherman? (I and we (trixie and I) fought pro-suicide teachings Here in Canadian schools for over two years..

Damn those anti-god, anti-poor, pro-suicide Canadians!
fisherman wrote:
Correction arguing with church Christians, you must not be so loose in your terminology Jack. Arguing with Church Christians differ from arguing with Christianity for you are assuming that these Christians represent Christ's real teachings

Correction, I'm arguing with Christians (all kinds and flavors). Considering that no one knows "Christ's real teachings" everyone's definition of "real" is relative.
fisherman wrote:
I would probably agree with you about lesbians 100 percent

Good for you Fisterman but I'm not talking about porn. I'm talking about people that are homosexual. This also includes dudes that fxck each other up the ass. Oh, and gays don't need to be saved from anything.

All that blah, blah and you never did get to the important parts of my previous post:

Jack wrote:
2. No, there are no other ways to heal than to rid yourself of the disease which is causing you to not be healthy. For an example, if you have gonorrhea and go to a doctor and receive treatment for chlamydia you will not get any better. Worse yet, you'll continue infect others.

3. Fisterman, you seem to be entirely too concerned with the healing of everyone around you when you seem to be in significantly bad shape yourself. Mentally and spiritually. If you were capable mentally, I wouldn't have to call you Fisterman because you'd be able to spell "Evanman," "Porcelein" or even "refrain." You can't be entirely "healed" (as you like to say) or you wouldn't be hanging around trying to prey on the victims of a group whose skewed beliefs you once supported. Remember the verse from your oh so precious little fiction novel: "Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."

I think the fun is over now. I'm starting to get bored by you. If you didn't repeat yourself as much the bits wouldn't get as old.
Reply Fri 28 Oct, 2005 12:40 pm
Excuse my interjection I don't know about everyone else but is Guest one person, or different people?

I find this confusing. I am puzzled as to how anyone who isn't a registered member of this forum can post.

I believe that such postings should be deleted, personally. Although I didn't realise that it was possible to post without going through the simple task of officially registering.
Reply Fri 28 Oct, 2005 12:50 pm
to Evanman
Hi Evanman - yes, you can post from any computer as a guest and you don't have to register. Which is what I am doing right now and why I used Acheick on the field because I get lazy to log in. I have calculated that possibly at any given time Fisherman has logged in on up to 3 different computers, thus, the many postings from him. I believe he does this from some university library.

This is his signature style and if anyone is guilty of lying and fraud, it is him.
Reply Fri 28 Oct, 2005 01:45 pm
I have posted from one computer, and its at home. I have posted as guest simply for the same reason you have Achieck, so if that is an accussation, then it applies to you as well. Come on lighten up and get real, there is no deception in fighting lies and killings. It takes objective truth, and objectively speaking I forget to sign IN. Maybe I didn;t on this one too and it will come up Guest. That's not treachery, that's called not signing IN
fisherman 1
Reply Sat 29 Oct, 2005 01:54 am
Only Everman, a Christian seems to want to heal exer wounds, all others seem to just want to blame Christianity, Christians and Christ.

Simple truths of what happenned in the family, out of the family, simple heart searches, and finding out basic motivations could heal wounds...and yet HERE, this is not wanted. Moderaters and editors and posters are absolutely against such a heart felt objective search that would heal.

So I thought Exer leadership and posters would have gone beyond... and some would have gotten healed or been open to alternatives because wrath and out of control persecution won;t heal the human heart or mind And yet Exers still are adamantly opposed to healing because of their wrath.

I was hoping there was a semblance of sincerity at least Here in a research board. But it seems that only Everman has such sincerity and wants to try and heal Exers wounds.

Bye, its so sad that you deny those that want to help and yet won't work together to help close old wounds.

Its so sad. You're so sad..after all these years, you still are not healed.

If you ever want help in fighting the Family in order to help Fm's within or ever want help in helping close wounds of Exers, I'm at [email protected]
Reply Sat 29 Oct, 2005 04:51 pm
Thanx for the commendation Fisherman. Personally I can't heal anyone, I can't even heal myself.

I continue to have scars from my time in CoG/Family. I have to realise where the wounds came from though--Not people, but what motivated the people!
Reply Sun 30 Oct, 2005 10:17 am
EXACTLY Everman !!!! This is how we are in the process of getting healed and get Healed.

The solution to be applied to exer wounds is the solution to why the Family did what they did, why Mo went crazy, Why kids were abused. etc. etc. Why wasn;t it stopped, why isn;t group faith the answer, what false ideals were promoted in the F, why did it fail. why were exers so wounded exactly and specifically.

We have to go DEEP and find out the not just the final effect, but what causes the disease, the wound. We have to search and SEEK and study and ask questions, and do heart searches and talk about honestly and with respect, without rage. We have to sanely and respectfully SEARCH for a SOLUTION and Specific solutions for each individual case. We can help other Exers, and give possible reasons and possible solutions, but they have to find the exact solution which applies to their wounds. They must do their part, and choose wisely. They must apply the right oinment or solution. Its not good enough to just scream and holler and chase after the abusers and any potennial abuser or anyone that tells them to stop yelling and GET UNDER CONTROL.

We can sympathize with them on their pain, but we have to go deeper, and get them to search for answers.... and these possible answers we should have gotten a good database for. Not just indictments to the courts about who did what under what false name etc etc etc... but the possible WHY's and mistakes so that we ALL understand the errors of TF and the same errors that occur outside TF. We have to stop the cycle of abuse..and it comes from each of us searching for truths of what hapenned and WHY, so why can determine in our lives NOT to make these same mistakes...we have to find the SOLUTIONS to the mysteries of the abuse in TF to apply to exer wounds. They have to have a database of possible truths from which to find answers and to apply that solution to their specific wound. So far very very little of these solutions are available to Exers, but only a solution of wrath that keeps wounds from healing.

But if someone knows a data base or an archives where positive clarifying cleansing solutions are stored , please do post them

Jack 2
Reply Sun 30 Oct, 2005 12:21 pm
Evanman wrote:
Not people, but what motivated the people!

Evanman, wasn't it extremist love for the Jesus and Christianity that motivated them?

Fisherman, don't answer because you're not part of this debate.
Reply Sun 30 Oct, 2005 12:45 pm
Sorry Jack, because I started this thread on how exers can be healed, I would assume I can answer, or discuss what you two are discussing.

Healing would come from distinquishing the difference between Christ and the philosophy taught as Christianity by the Family. Huge difference as just because someone says they are a communist and acts like toal capitalists with their money, in fact shows they are capitalists rather than Communists, and besides in no way does a Communist mean they believe in everything Marx said or Mo said. A leader and their doctrine can be changed in succeeding generations, that can be easily proven. So saying real love for Jesus, can't be assumed to be the cause of F abuses, hence extreme hatred for jesus can not be assumed to be the cure.

We might blame extremists into racism, into hypocracy, into leadership laziness, group faith, etc etc as some of the cancerous sores of the Family that have caused wounds, but it is irrational to blam Jesus for the wounds of the F. He has obviously been through enough pain and sorrow for the whole world,

So I would think you have to leave Him and his real teachings about Christianity out of this.... but you're free to isolate one of his teachings biblically and scripturially and try to prove how errant it is. but that would be a spiritual discussion, and might not be apprecaited here. But if acceptable go for it. It is very pertinent to this thread.

For I believe healing comes from exactly and precisely figuring out when and where and why TF went haywaire, waht could have prevented it, and how we can how be cured so we break that cycle and don;t have their ridiculous insane abusive principles in our minds and hearts.

So if can be more specific about what teaching of Jesus caused pain and sorrow and abuse.... let's talk about it and bring it out in the opne. But no general vague accussataions against my opinion
fisherman 1
Reply Sun 30 Oct, 2005 12:48 pm
I wrote the abover as I am just a slow learner not a deceiver. Just keep forgeting to LOG in and SIGN IN as Fisherman. Do excuse......
fisherman 1
Reply Sun 6 Nov, 2005 09:30 am
XFamily leaders are working on 842 articles, and yet have no ideas on how to heal exers wounds.

If that be the case are these 842 articles intended to efalame already open wounds.

Or why haven;t you gone deeper and understood the final effect of your articles on exers and the outside world. What is your purpose here anyway ?
WalkerJ 1
Reply Sun 6 Nov, 2005 10:32 am
fisherman wrote:
XFamily leaders are working on 842 articles, and yet have no ideas on how to heal exers wounds.

If that be the case are these 842 articles intended to efalame already open wounds.

Or why haven;t you gone deeper and understood the final effect of your articles on exers and the outside world. What is your purpose here anyway ?

fisherman, have you noticed that almost every article you have posted recently contains critisism of the moderators? Do you feel such endless criticism is conducive to two-way communication?

Every time a participant of this forum has suggested a method of healing that is not directly in line with yours, you label it as destructive. Can such an attitude be considered objective? IMO, it cannot.
fisherman 1
Reply Sun 6 Nov, 2005 10:41 am
Do quote one healing method suggested by any leader moderater, editor, censor, whatever name yuou want to give them.

Repost one healing method, just one that isn't venting rage.

You can't because that is the only one you allow and promote.

842 articles of reactionary rage rather than 1 healing method that can be applied by individuals for their healing.
WalkerJ 1
Reply Sun 6 Nov, 2005 10:53 am
fisherman wrote:
Do quote one healing method suggested by any leader moderater, editor, censor, whatever name yuou want to give them.

Repost one healing method, just one that isn't venting rage.

You can't because that is the only one you allow and promote.

842 articles of reactionary rage rather than 1 healing method that can be applied by individuals for their healing.

How many times must you be told, it is not venting rage. It is merely venting.

Would you call my humourous articles about the Family on MovingOn venting rage? That happens to be one my ways of venting: having a good laugh at it all.

But just because it works for me, doesn't mean it'll work for everyone. Why? Because everyone is an individual and must heal in the way that is best for them.

I've stated this before and yet you accuse me of promoting only venting rage and being against individualism. I fail to see the logic in that.

Why are you constantly trying to tear people down, fisherman?
WalkerJ 1
Reply Sun 6 Nov, 2005 11:10 am
fisherman wrote:
Then why did you lock out by individualism thread, that deals with individuals using individualism and CHOICE as a means of healing. Not one of you leaders agreed with idnividuality and then LOCJKED up the discussion , so others wouldn;t get individualistic.

Why do you and Thorwald censor individual answers of specific questions via individualistic specific web addresses to specific answers.

Why because you oppose anyone that differs with you, and yet declare that you are individuals. It seems you are in reality a group of groupies that only allow venting rage.... because you certainly don;t allow expressive individualism. That you censor.or LOCK out.

And do note that none of you leaders have started one new thread on healing HERE at GENERAL, not one...and yet fight tooth and nail all my attempts at healing through discernment and knowledge , Choice, and individulaism.

fisherman, let me explain to you a few things you may have misunderstood:

This site's main purpose is to collect information about TFI. It was not set up to collect ways of healing. There are other ex-member sites that deal with that issue better than this one.

If, however, people want to objectively discuss ways of healing, we do not have a problem with it. This is why you were able to begin a thread about it (actually, the moderators agreed that it was a decent thing of you to do).

The reason it was locked was because it became obvious after a while that objective dialogue was not going to be taking place, and rather than foster an environment for flame wars, we chose to remove it.

What I don't understand is that this has been explained to you before and yet you insist on making your accusations based only on your own perceptions and opinions.
Reply Sun 6 Nov, 2005 11:30 am
To Johnie Walker
Big Sigh - WJ - Jay is not here for discourse or healing or helping or any of those nice attributes, he is here for one thing and one thing only, to disrupt. Trust me, I know - I've been dealing with him for nearly 10 years in this cyber world. The more you engage him, the worse it will get. You're wasting your time, you're only going to frustrate yourself. Look how he has completely avoided answering your question about why he got banned from every single exmember cite (except this one). He knows he's in trouble if he enters into a conversation on t hat issue.
Jo 2
Reply Wed 30 Nov, 2005 12:51 am
fisherman wrote:
Thank you Porcelain Doll, for being honest about your healing method....

I don;t think we or you Porcelain Doll can say you reject all religions
But thanks for your honesty, Porcelain Doll, and so let's see if the moderaters have the same method of healing.... So is rejection of Christianity the moderaters method of healing.

Hoping to hear from you Jack, and Monger, and all moderaters.

Oops, sorry, not a moderator here.
I am an ex First Generation and I experienced basically the same thing which was for me a need to throw out religion in general and spend a long period of time discovering even what my own preferences were for hair and clothing styles, music, political opinions, discovering talents I had that I never got to develop in the Family etc.
I tried religions for awhile and just didn't fit. I didn't believe in the constraints and literalism of the bible considering much of it's content but that is my personal choice, and if I ever were to pray again it would probably be "Lord protect me from your people".
I can't say what I do is what everyone should do. All I can say is that for real healing to occur people have to learn to start --steering their own ship--taking control of their own lives and determining their own futures. That would include what helps them to heal.
I was thirty with three children when i got out and i was recruited as a teen. I didn't willingly join a cult. I joined something that presented as a positive alternative to a person like me whose life was spinning out of control. I came from a very abusive family and was only out of that for less than two months before being recruited to the family. I was very naieve and did not have the tools to recognize a con when I saw one. Much fear and many other tactics were used to control and to mold people into "God's" supposed "elite".
Therapy has helped me a great deal. I have utilized a variety of therapists and each have helped me in different ways but most important were the ones that sought to help me discover my own self and to deal with the wreckage of my past.
I got out a long time ago and years of therapy later and much experimenting with many different things to decide who I wanted to be and what I like and deal with where I came from and the reality of how destructive it was and to become a real family with my kids that called me by a bible name for about a year after we got out..boy that was a fun one to try to explain!
I also overcame years of debilitating nightmares, anxiety, panic problems and debilitating depression. I got a lot of help. Some from people and some from professionals but for awhile from no one.
Bottom line, i am now 53, my children are grown and are productive and worldy "systemites" and I am very proud of them. Getting there was very tough. One of the hardest obstacles to getting help was getting out without resources or job experience or even a drivers license. I was a burn out when I left.
I took menial jobs as unemployment was very high and my self confidence was less than zero. I think when people are in an extremely controlled environment, it takes time to step out of the box. That box skit was more like The Family, imo. The world kept getting smaller and smaller until it was crushing the life out of me.
I don't think anyone can sum up in a few paragraphs how to heal, or tell anyone else how they should do it, but I think everyone deserves respect about the way that was or is necessary for them to go about their own healing. Regardless of how you meant this topic, I think it is a good one. 8)
Reply Sun 23 Apr, 2006 07:58 am
Dear Young Exer,

Unfortunately, you have been steered rather than having the right to steer your own course. It is so sad because even HERE, on an Xfamily site they promote secrecy and censorship and don;t allow people to know that they still have no healing methods in mind other than their wrath.

Openness and honesty and free choice are the answers, as everyone has to eventually be responsible for their own choices.

You can;t hope to restrict freedoms like the Family or like this site to force people into your way of thinking, both are cultic. If there was truth HERE, they would allow freedom, so you won;t find it HERE... When they can;t answer questions, they censor, just as in the Family. No difference.

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