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Reply Mon 2 Apr, 2018 07:24 am
Everyone, I'm new to all this. Never been part of of the cult. But, I've just bumped into Sara Stevenson Kelley in Costa Rica and she's working in a children's ministry. I'm leaving in less than 2 weeks and don't know what if anything I should do. The little bit of web education I've gotten in the last couple days is scaring me to death for the safety of children here. Am I overreacting? Is she safe with kids? Any advice on what to do?
Reply Wed 25 Apr, 2018 07:04 pm
My moment of truth came one day out litnessing with my preteen daughter. We'd figured how to use the little ones to charm and soften the potential donors. Then follow up with a clear request for donations coupled with a lie about how we were "helping" kids, seniors, druggies, hippies, homeless, ad nausea.
Daughter didn't feel like doing her job. I took her around a corner, out of sight, yelled at her, ordered her and finally slapped her. Then it hit me.
"WTF" (of course I used less profanity.) "I'm using force, my trust and authority as a parent to intimidate and motivate this child to help me get money from shop owners and passers-by in the name of Jesus and the Family of Love?" I was fortunate to see my hypocrisy.
Daughter was sexually molested before I got my family out. She was so traumatized she couldn't id the perp. And I couldn't beat him.
The "leaders" wanted me to dump my pg wife and 5 kids for an exalted position at headquarters. I had a screaming argument with "God" in the middle of a tropical downpour waist deep in a river. I refused to desert my primary responsibility for the "greater good."
I picked up. Packed up. Found a job, a sponsor, eventually a permanent visa. Lived close to poverty, accepting help from true neighbors who valued our sample of a loving family. Enrolled my kids in an International school. Tuition was free because I and the wife helped out. Worked. Saved our money. Returned to the States.
That return to the USA was very nearly our undoing. Culture shock. The wife divorced me. The kids ran amuck. I had to support and feed us all.
It took literally years of steady constant application of God's Love which shows respect for others' needs, wants, desires.
Everyone is now pretty much ok. Some residual trauma. But the fellow asked what I think about the COG, FOL. I have to answer, "I don't. I don't think of them. If I do, it's with embarrassment and shame.
I came to this site because i was looking for lyrics to a Japanese translation of a kids song, "Shiowase, Happiness." or a link to the Luvettes Show from the P.I. I'd been involved in a distant way with the production and attended Peter Puppet's funeral and wake in Sydney.
I never read Faith's or Deborah's books. The stuff they reported happened every day in every "home."
So if you're a member reading this. I suggest you think/pray about your own personal values regarding personal freedom. Compare them to those you must follow and also ask:
In a technological society, an education, home schooled, to the age of 12 or 13?
I think it's a one way ticket to poverty, ignorance, superstition.
God created the worlds in 6 days? The earth is 6000 yrs old?
I maintain that any so called Christian who maintains the veracity of those two statements is the moral equivalent of of people who used to proclaim Earth flat and the center of the Universe.
A Bible banger once proclaimed, "Don't believe the lies of so called science. Believe the Bible."
I tried to personally talk to him. (I had been corrupted with a BS in biology and organic chemistry b4 i Joined the family.) He turned to his microphone to berate and denigrate me.
If you think I'm of the devil, please, Stay where you are. It's ok in your room. Lotsa people around you.
I'm wondering if the Family officially supports The Donald. He closely resembles your Father David.
So since you asked, here's what I think: Moses David/Mo/Father David/David Berg was a pedophile as were his close female enablers. Sex at a young age can easily and severely emotionally handicap those youngsters used by the ravenous, devouring, narcissistic wolves clothed as sheep. He and they lied to themselves and their flock about the natural beauty of their perfidy.
I renounce David Berg/Moses David/Father David, Maria, Mother Eve. I renounce Every Word of the Mo Letters (Yes! Every word! Would you give credence to Hitler or Stalin?) I renounce the COG, FOL and all of it's branches.
There is no virtue, truth or light in any of their deeds. It was always motivated by selfish, worldly gain, glory not to God. Glory to and for themselves. They'll not reap a reward in heaven. They, like the rich man proceeded by trumpets have had their reward.
To the soul wandering in Japan. Portland Oregon is a great place for a lot of good things. Come here. There's opportunity amongst a progressive populace.
God bless us All.
Abe Eureka (aka Tommy the Turtle)
Reply Sat 8 Sep, 2018 06:09 pm
Want to know about 1976 in Paris of any persons living among others.I`m from Canada and left the cult in July 1976.
Thank&best wishes to all!!!
Joseph known as"Joshua"
Reply Tue 13 Nov, 2018 02:15 pm
I remember you from your brief stay in Cologne, Germany, when you were talking to people on Hohe Straße near the Cathedral. We (my schoolfriend and I, both only 16 years old then) visited your house a few times and I remember you as a kind and thoughtful man, unlike the slightly intimidating leader of your group. We, my friend and I, never really got involved with the cult, only had brief contact with the whole belief system, fortunately. The MO letters put me off, I thought they were slightly indecent even then, and that was the gut feeling that kept me away. I asked about you at the house, though, and they told me you had gone to Essen. There was a young Canadian there at the time, years later he contacted my family to say hello and he was doing well, so I am glad it turned out OK for him in the end as well, or so I hope. It has been half a lifetime, but I have not forgotten
meeting you. Of course I was very young and impressionable and you probably won't remember the young girls you met so long ago. I hope that you have found a good way for yourself to cope with what you have experienced, and I wish you all the best. I consider myself lucky that I stayed clear of the group in the end, sheer luck I guess. All the best to you, Luzia
Reply Fri 23 Nov, 2018 12:59 pm
My friend is in this cult, somewhere in western canada. I talk to him through email, but he does not know where he is. He thinks he is in BC. Can someone give me a location please?
Reply Thu 6 Dec, 2018 04:28 pm
@Mary Jane Henry,
Yep. But you forgot this emoji: 🙏

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