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Reply Sun 2 Sep, 2007 08:34 pm
Photos - lanik - ml teen terror to right)
Reply Sun 2 Sep, 2007 09:02 pm
Various photos during and after the group. After I left The Family, I went into entertainment, acting and guitar and singing. In '86 I went to U.S. to meet my father and in '88 James Paul came to U.S. Today I have been married for 19 years and have 3 kids, ages 18, 17 and 3. I live on the Central Coast of California.I have the expeirience of a life time in the seafood industry for the last 15 years.My two sons JAMES 18 and JEREMY 17 and JULIE 3 all still living happily with me and they still manage to say "I LOVE YOU DAD"

James Paul is in Southern California with his wife and 2 sons Owns and opperates his own sucessful buisness and home,JAMES also has been teaching self defence and mixed martial arts to young people since he got here.
Joni lives in Alabama with her husband and 3 daughters. JONI is into horses riding, buying, breeding

The rest of my family, JOHANNA,( SHARON),(BATHRABIM) BERT (ABE) and 7 siblings are in the inland empire area and are no longer members of the family.Mom is very sucsessful helping the sick and needy with counseling and the power of prayer and most noticeable is she is happy and free.
Reply Wed 28 May, 2008 10:11 am
Re: Photos - lanik - ml teen terror
Ask Bath if she remembers Zion. She broke my heart.
Reply Thu 23 Oct, 2008 07:33 pm
Re: Photos - lanik - ml teen terror
Hi, good to see you again. I knew your dad and mom, briefly...I think I met you when you were in Japan , were you at HCS?
I joined in LA in 1970. For sure I know Caleb and Lydia's kids and them too, pretty well. I was there the day Deborah was born in King City, if I remember correctly. Yeah, I'm old and out of TF thank God. 35 years in made me a nervous wreck, but a lot of wonderful healing has taken place in my heart and my family. The pioneering and witnessing was fun, as I am a musician and always witnessed with a guitar. Still do. I never could quite out it down to just distribute MO Letters, but I was driven to do it.
Yeah, so you were a Teen Terror?Ha! I read all about it. You weren't half the terror I was when I was a teen.But in The Family under Berg, whoever did not listen to him was a terror. He didn't like me so much, as I questioned his letters too much.
What you did when you were young was not your fault. It was the fault of Berg and Maria and the leaders who set things up and created the conditions and the situation that made it possible for you to do that stuff. The Combos were an experiment that failed miserably. That's why things always changed. They could never find anything that worked right, because they didn't really know how to do things, so everything was an experiment, then when that failed they tried something else, and claimed it was "progress".
They didn't want to admit their failure. The so called "Revolution" was just an excuse, just a cover up, to change tactics when it finally dawned on them....Duhhh, that things where not working and things were going all wrong.
The Family still works like that today. Poor kids. They are still experimenting with tactics and methods, and are forced to change them when they don't work.
And they never really work, they only say they they call it a "Revolution"
Berg said that a revolution never stops changing....ha ha...what a joke! He was so stupid! But we were hippies and he appealed to the hippie mind set, so we didn't know the difference, that he wasn't really a friend of the broken hearted hippies, but an enemy who just wanted to experiment on us like a mad scientist.
The insanity goes on.....
Take care, nice family you have there.
you can read my story here:

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