Does anyone remember Peter Puppet ?

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Reply Wed 8 Oct, 2014 05:56 pm
Yes I remember Peter Puppet, I was in a home with him.
He got a really big cancerous tumor, and I'm not sure but I think he died. He was with skye wasn't he, and then she got together with that Amercan leader who had all those wives.
Reply Wed 2 Mar, 2016 10:42 am
Reply Wed 2 Mar, 2016 11:01 am
His name was Aaron, his original wife was Ruth. Ruth became the wife of Peter Puppet, but surely as a leader want to be, had little faith in the Lord, only in escalting up the ranks. Therefore I would assume Ruth did not help Peter have the faith for healing.

Aaron, in Bacolod, had two wives. One was Sky, his and Ruths original nanny in Australia.... the other was Jeshua, more of a marriage of convenience. Jesh also had no or little faith, but needed a provider for her daughter, as she also was not a missionary.

Aaron wanted to start an international TV show via recorded videos from Bacolod, using Peter Puppet as the main attraction, and Aaron as the host. It would bring in lots of money and fame for all that joined. Hence Aaron recruited Peter to join them and others of so called talent to come to their so called mansion in Bacolod. (they treated their Filippino staff very poorly, as they deemed themselves much better than the lowly locals) IE they had a bad atitude and were not missionaries, and maybe never even were Christians... hard to say.

When Peter Puppet came to Bacolod, we, Jordan (Jay or Davidjayjordan, as my pen name is now) and my wife Joy saw him maongst a group of Filippino kids outside a cockfight arena. Peter had them totally enthralled (even without Puppets) He loved them and they loved him, and you could see that Peter was a gifted missionary because of his love for the kids and his love for Jesus.

So moderators HERE, if you censor this post, you are censoring our tribute to Peter Piper, and this condemnation will stay with you forever.... as Peter was a great man, a great missionary and totally gifted. This has to be said, and the truth about his unforunate demise has to be said or considered.

Peter LOVED the Lord, it was self evident, that is WHY he could draw such a crowd.

The isolationist mansion of Aaron (with Peter and Ruth on board and within) would not go out into public anymore, as they were stuck in the home, videoing their shows for the whole world... at least they thought so in their minds. But their hearts were not right and their motivation was not right, but horribly wrong. They did nto have faith and as a group did not have love.

In this atmostphere and pressure, Peter finally succumbed to their lack of faith and obeyed them rather than the Lord. Peter did not go out witnessing on reaching the lost kids, but was kept within the confines of the mansion, and lost faith and though the cancer receeded, it came back as he trusted more and more in doctors and food, until it got totally swollen.

At this time, Sam Perfilio the worst of the worst and absolutely faithless leader of the Philippines THEN, gave money to Peter to get treatment in Manila. It of course failed as well, as the Lord took Peter.

How very sad, but it has to be said, that Peter did love the Lord, and did obey the Lord for awhile before succumbing to leaders and the their vile motivations.

I wrote some of the above anonymous letters, a long time ago, and they only stayed on the forum because the censors, didn;t know I wrote them. But as can be seen, I and we were there first hand and knew the situation.

Shame on you, Sky, Aaron, Jesh, Ruth, and others, you failed the Lord and yourselves miserably.
Reply Mon 7 Mar, 2016 02:33 am
so sad to hear of his cancer and lack of treatment.. reguardless of wheather his puppetry was great, with little entertainment as a child, it was entertaining. i especialy was facinated when he changed to the new inproved puppet latex material, it brought a real life to the puppets.. i am really starting to think about this medical stuff and how there was a lack of doctor visits for people... hey jesus is not here yet and the 666 robots havent killed me as of yet, would have been nice to get my illness sorted when young of someone other than jesus having a word to me about better chioces.... To Peter Puppet and his memory, i say thanks for the memories, and hope you are having a ball in your next great adventure.. from Quazon city to the Heavens.
Reply Mon 7 Mar, 2016 10:18 am
Actually what Isaw of Peter Puppet, was when he had no puppets around him. Nothing but Peter himself. And as just himself he was a crowd magnet because he had the annointing, the love that drew people to him. What I am saying is that Peter Puppet was a real Christian and could have gone on to be a great missionary if he had trusted the Lord, as he originally wanted to do...... when arriving in the Philippines. Jesus didn't kill him.... it wasn;t the Lords fault as the 'lack of faithers' want to point out. Neither was the lack of medical help that killed him. The so called Family was totally into drugs and the medical system for their leaders. The poor missionaries, NO, but the leaders were heavily into drugs and medications as they had zero faith because they didn;t need faith as they had sufficient money for any and all medical procedures and cures. (Evil Sam Perfilio would spend hundreds of dollars on instant one day cures for his sexual diseases, and bragged about his fast recovery tuime, and then back to raping and plundering) These funds were given to Peter, for Peter when Peter resorted to obeying the leaders rather than the Lord. Peter had access to the funding for medical supplies and doctors help in Manila. Sam Perfilio the evil leader there, made sure of it because Peter was a future cash cow, that would have elevated all of them into a higher status if successful. Sam's own wife was Kezia, and she when visiting Bacolod where Peter was originally left a whole packet of pills behind accidentally, she was totally weak and on drugs, probably for depression in knowing the perfidity and means and rapings of her husband...Sam Perfilio.

Peter had a special diet, in Bacolod and it was expensive. But then again, as a special status disciple, he got his special diet even though the Family there, was almost starving with such small portions of food. They refused to go provisioning like our home did, and hated to be with low class locals and brown people as they were all white, and were above that sort of humiliation of going down to the level of normal folks. Again, they were NOT missionaries and did not have the love of the Lord... Peter did, but was compelled by these 'leaders and want to be leaders' the lazy ones, to forsake his humble atitude and attain
'superiority, pride and power through his world wide puppetry show.

The puppets, in my opinion were horribly done, simply because they were not smooth. Very rough in appearance because the foam wasn;t shaved, making them look very amateurish and coarse on video.

No Peter Puppet was not a great puppeteer in my opinion, but simply a great annointed Christian, before he was intimidated away from the Lord, and simple service to the Lord and others. He was a Pied Piper.

Medical access, give us a break... Maria was into it, leaders were into drug taking, whereas the common disciples were taught or TOLD to have faith.... because there was no money for them unless they had access to leadership money and had moved up the laziness ranks. When normal disciples health failed, they were told to leave the 'Family' and go home to parents and their original families. It was a double standard to the max.

The Lord was healing Peter until leadership seduced him into going after FAME, mainly their own FAME.

Reply Wed 24 Aug, 2016 09:09 am
I believe he is the one who died of cancer on his neck. He was the main one involved in producing the luvets puppet show video series. I used to watch them when I was 7 yrs old.
Reply Tue 26 Feb, 2019 07:02 am
I was in Sydney when your Dad passed. I visited Peter once while he was in the hospice. I was able to attend the wake at his parents house. For me it was a very awkward situation. I was in some ways representing the so called family of love. Another man, Jude had been close and worked with Peter. It was Jude who visited Peter often in the hospice. When Jude returned home after the visits, we'd talk. I didn't say much. Mostly he'd describe Peter, his condition, and the condition of the hospice and hospice care in general.
There was an element of insanity to the whole situation. We admired him. But he'd been cursed to hell by our so called spiritual father, our shepherd and whore mongering pedophile leader.
I apologize for not knowing your beliefs concerning the COG. But now you know mine. When i say we admired him. I mean many members. We couldn't talk about the complete craziness of supporting ourselves with sales of his productions. We weren'r supporting just ourselves, we were also supporting Berg, his entourage and the hierarchy of leadership. They worked to a certain extent. I lived among them. But they didn't put in the 60 or 80 hrs each week that a so called system-ite had to work to support the standard of living the leaders and Berg were living.
I can't say enough about the hypocracy, the lack of courage. But the penalties of being the nail which stood up were being the first to get knocked down. They wanted me to leave my wife and 6 children to go to work directly for them. I need to stop my ranting. This was intended to be about your dad to comfort you a bit.
I don't recall going to the funeral.My wife and I went with Jude to the house of your grandparents. There was food and polite circumspect conversation. I didn't know Peter's parents. I don't recall much of the conversation. It was sad though. There was an under current, deep eddies of grief that could not be expressed because of our beliefs. We, could not express love, God's love, human love to his parents who had respected his wishes and watched from a distance. They had watched their son die. With truly giving hearts and sacrificial love for Peter, they respected Peter's beliefs.
We believed Peter had gone to a better place. It would be heresy to express any feelings of grief or loss. We couldn't talk about our utter shock and dismay that such horrible things could be said about Peter.
I never met Peter except at the hospice. Emotionally, I wanted to share with him how I felt about passing. I saw going to a doctor for help was no bigger a sin than going to a mechanic to repair your car. Intellectually, we all said nothing except to bless and verbally express our love for him.
Peter neither seemed nor behaved as if were afraid of death. Whether emotionally or intellectually or possibly both, he was not fleeing death, but rather looking beyond death into the Face of God.
We were sincere and deep in our beliefs. I respected him so much for giving up his comfy life in Australia to go to the PI where life is certainly not so comfy.
They, he and his crew, lived in poverty conditions making those videos. It was a sacrifice beyond what most are willing to give. I was seriously misled by Berg. Many others were too.
I'm talking about your dad's personal sacrifice and dedication to what he, your dad, Peter Puppet believed deeply and both lived and died for his beliefs.
It wasn't Moses David or any of the names Berg gave himself that Peter and a lot of others of lived for. It was a deep love, compassion and conviction. It was for the Love of God.
I don't know if what I've written about your dad makes any sense to you. It is my hope that if you didn't know this aspect of him, you might begin to consider it.
He was a great man. He did a great work.
Abe Eureka

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