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I am 45, have been married for 14 years, and am the mother of two daughters.

I am curious about people and most subjects, and enjoy traveling, reading, playing games (board and computer), running, knitting and doing genealogy research. I also love teaching - I teach my daughters, as well as a middle school world history class.

I consider myself adventurous and will usually try anything once, unless it looks incredibly dangerous or stupid. I respect and value life on this earth and am not afraid of dying because I see death as the entryway to a better life. I have Judeo-Christian beliefs and do believe that our main mission in life is to love God and others, and inspire others to do the same, and to give hope to all of much better things to come. I enjoy discussing pretty much any topic to gain more insight and perspective.

I struggle with a bit of ADD, OCD, anxiety, combined with a bit of a high-intensity personality, but as I get older, and have started figuring out ways to deal with these things, they seem to have less of an impact. I can sometimes have annoying perfectionist tendencies, but loosen up more with each passing year. I just plain got tired of being told to lighten up all the time. Watching movies like "Dumb and Dumber" help do the trick.

I am a fiercely loyal person. Once I figure out that you are my true friend I will remain your true friend for life and will always vouch for you, no matter what everyone else is doing or what they think. If you betray me, I will quietly disappear from your life, with no drama.

My family is my top priority, then my interests & friends. I do struggle at times with my interests fighting to be first. I tend to get caught up in whatever my current interest is and have to learn to step back and take a breather.

I love discussions with different points of view. Even if I agree with what everyone else is saying, when I see that one dissenter, it really gets my attention and makes me want to try to understand their point of view, even if I don't agree.

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