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Reply Fri 19 Oct, 2018 09:25 am
Hello philosophers,

This is Luxin. I'm a spiritual philosopher or free thinker. I reject all religious doctrine but accept the Wisdom of Christ's logia, and any wise words I find in any religion or philosophy. I'm not a Christian, but call myself a 'free Christian' to signify that I accept and wish to exemplify the loving and forgiving spirit of Christ's words. I support the Christ myth theory mainly in that the alleged Christ of the Bible has no historicity.

Though Christ's words are true, the story of the alleged 'first Christian' was just written by the church to serve their own interests. Whoever the man was, he could not have had any real connection with any religion or its doctrine. Adepts bypass religion altogether very quickly; they just take the best of it and run. Whoever Christ was, he would have laughed at being chosen as the 'chief Christian', but pleased that the church could not resist including his words that 'shall not pass away'. As a Christ myth advocate I add that the storied Christ's flaying of the Pharisees is inconsistent with the real Christ's 'Speak no evil' mindset; and this, along with the defamation of the Jews around his alleged crucifixion, reflects the anti-Judaism of the church fathers which contributed to disastrous consequences, and adds weight to Christ's story being fictional.

There had to have been a real 'wise' fool who uttered the words of Christ; that person's Wisdom is such that even Indic gurus and 'sages' accept Christ as one of their own, like Krishna, and regard his words in the Sermon on The Mount as the greatest wisdom ever recorded. Those words are thought to have come down through generations by oral tradition, and thought to be first written in the Book of Matthew.

The theoretical source of Christ's logia used in Matthew is 'Q Source'; there is a conundrum about it and I suspect the knowledge of Matthew's source was suppressed by the church. Papias of Hierapolis composed, around 100 AD, a 5-volume work, which was available in monastery libraries until the Middle Ages, and is now lost, 'entitled Exegesis of the Dominical Logia, which Eusebius quotes as an authority on the origins of the Gospels of Mark and Matthew'. Nevertheless, Christ's words survived intact, like he knew they would.

Some bible scholars believe that whoever the real Christ was lived around 100 BC; the Jews of that time said that there was 'an angel in the Temple'. The Jewish term for angel is 'tzadik', and the Jews don't hesitate to say that tzadikim or angels are just righteous people.

Like Socrates, I have a soul; it's like a best friend that wordlessly guides me by influencing my Consciousness; all I sense about any of its past lives is that it once lived in someone in a place with desert and camels, which I love. At 17, suffering from depression, my soul urged me to seek the reason for my misery and how to escape it; it did this to prevent me from suffering a fate worse than death.

I'm a Number philosopher as Pythagoras and Plato were; Plato taught Number in his unwritten doctrines. I got my Number knowledge from some false prophets. Christ was a Number philosopher because he gave new names to others. I only occasionally make reference to Number; there are far more vital things. Besides, Number can only be handled by 'good' people; it basically destroys people who wish to use It for their worldly advancement. The Kabbalists, who had an advanced knowledge of Number and Name (i.e. 'the Name of God') successfully concealed Number in the 10th century for fear it would fall into dishonorable hands. Today, Rabbis have to go elsewhere to find Number knowledge.

I do not recommend the spiritual path to anyone, as the urge to follow The Path (Tao in Taoism; Dharma in Sanskrit) is compelled by one's soul and is not a matter of choice like a diet, etc. But I can share the knowledge of certain practices that contribute to Self-Love, if anyone asks me to.

I look forward to anything here. I am understanding, forgiving and nonjudgmental. To quote Pythagoras, 'Above all things, know (or love) thyself', a saying that originates with the ancient Indic sages' 'Know thyself'.

Regarding the Superconscious Atman, True Self, etc. the Chandogya Upanishad relates, 'That thou art', reminding us that to truly know ourselves we must know our True Self, not our mind so much, which should reflect the inner but generally does not. The mind is vital, but it is a negative channel subject to all manner of delusion and error; it 'plays tricks on us', and cannot be relied upon for truth. Only mind or the 'evil self' (ego) is responsible for sin; a mind that flies everywhere but to its source -- the Truth of Atman or Spiritual Consciousness -- is a sad thing. The inner nature or True Self, which represents Reason and The Logos, is above all pettiness, foolishness and sin, and is not responsible for it. Some criminals who say they are innocent of their crime are telling the truth; it was 'the devil' (mind) that made them do it. Regarding some foolish things I have said, I knew and said it wasn't the real me that was behind it.

My alter ego is a mass murderer, and I have a 'monster' in me that occasionally figuratively 'growls' 'I'm not respected' -- I just keep still and mentally whisper, 'Down, boy', something like 'Get thee behind me, Satan'. Figuratively speaking, he's a dangerous bastard if I ever start supporting his foolishness or thinking he's right; that's the start of insanity, irrationality, madness.

I'm a lapsarian like John Milton. The implications of lapsarianism (re The Fall of Man) are heavy, so I'll try to keep them to myself.

I have written 3 books just for myself.... I'll just write on the net till I take the journey. Some introduction. Philosophy made me do it! Hope it gave you some food for thought, and thanks for reading. All the best to 'the good':

'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall know God'.

Truth and Love, Luxin

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