I need the mythology in some ethnic fairy-tale to be deciphered, please

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Reply Mon 30 Jan, 2017 05:51 am

but it suffered stronly being told in rudimentary turkish, to a dutch girl with rudeimentary kurdish knowledge.

Could be kurdish, or somewhere in the middle eastern area ...

cross-dressing girl as a boy ... chastity, morale, customs and finally female wisdom

We look for the name and some better guess of the morale implied by the story.


read folk-lore, tale, fairy tale below please ... thx in advance
A guerrilla just told me a fairy tail, in her broken Turkish and my broken Kurdish. I understood it in general but if I could find the full story, that would be nice. So let me tell the general line. If you recognise it, let me know!
A man thinks he is the strongest in the world. He goes on some trip, a horse comes from the other way and the person on the horse doesn't greet him, which he finds weird. At some point he is with this person by a well, they talk about strength, there is some talk about a bread to eat and a bread to throw in the well, I mostly missed the point of this. It turns out the other person is stronger than him, the man is full of respect for strength that is even bigger than his. He says: 'You are even stronger than me, I am your servant now, I do what you wish me to do.'
The stronger man doesn't find this necessary, the weaker man insists, the stronger man says, okay, but on three conditions. 1. I will no longer consider you a man (and the weaker man agrees), 2. we will be friends and keep our promises (and he agrees again), 3. if one of us dies, then we don't take the clothes off the dead person but bury him with clothes (and the weaker man agrees again). There is something with gold and silver and other valuables as well, in the grave I think, or something.
Same day, the stronger man dies. The weaker man is astonished. They had gone to the market already to buy stuff for a grave, that the weaker man had dug and made very nicely. The stronger man is burried as promised.
But the weaker man cant keep his promise, he opens the grave, I think for the gold, silver etc. Then he wonders about the clothes, starts taking them off, it turns out there are many layers. The seventh layer is the last, and then it turns out the stronger man is actually a woman. Which explains why she didn't greet him when she passed him on the horse, as a woman she was not supposed to interact with a man who was not her family. And it explains the conditions.
The weaker man regrets breaking his promise.
Anybody know what the name of the story is?
More important question: what is the message of this fairy tail? The guerrilla asked me what I think the message is, I said I need to sleep over it

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