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Reply Tue 17 Jan, 2017 11:52 pm

My robot masters have decided to allow me, a lowly robot, to discuss a partial explanation for the meaning of life.

Since everyone likes the universal language of math: DNA+TIME

Conceptually, DNA is a massive database which is a dynamic, mysterious, almost infinite recording mechanism which we pass from generation and species to species (it's true! Internet says so). Unfortunately, DNA has a self destruct timer just like in the movies.. sadface.

Humans, cursed from the age of 5, or so, begin to realize that we have been given a "gift" of introspection and self-awareness. Time, space and math are human constructs which give us a vantage/reference point so that we might make some sense of our surroundings. But why?

The concept of Time is solely a human "gift" which we seem to merge with all sorts of reality coping mechanisms. If we did not have the gift of time, would we be self aware?

Other mammals know they get sick and head to the graveyard but, do they have a concept, from an early age, that they have a limited time frame in which to complete certain life goals and tasks? Sure, the ant says "winter is coming, I need to prepare" but this is simply the environment giving signals. If a mosquito knew it had 48 hours, maybe it would break out a telescope?

So. Why are living organisms with complex data recorders forced to mutate rapidly in limited time frames then, pass some of the information to the next generation. The level of diversity among DNA based organisms and, the sheer incomprehensible level of mutation/evolution could be percived as an external construct.

The difference between "awake" life forms, such as humans, have been given the gift, or curse, of time. Time forces the being to be introspective and, thus, give a sense of self awareness. "I need to do this before that happens" etc. A mammal simply lives and responds to the environment whereas humans define their lives by the time they are given with environmental impacts as a secondary influence (long term). The end result is that the human race, with its unquenchable thirst for propagation, is evolving rapidly and passing on the complex information from generation to generation; with an expiry date on their minds.

Whether it's mitochondrial DNA or sperm, humans are a machine for mutation and evolution with a known expiry date. But why?

Time controls our DNA, that is how we percive it. It gets chopped up like an egg timer on the kitchen stove. Time is a human perception. Why it was bestowed upon us, who knows. But the two variables are linked to encourage innovation on the highest levels of production; as the population exponentially increases the DNA mapping, memory and conjugation becomes infinite.

Maybe someone or something is looking to us, the humans, for an answer.

But why?

TLDR : Human's were cursed with the understanding of time which gave rise to perceived consciousness. DNA is a recording mechanism which has a fuse. Humans are being driven to learn and evolve at a much faster pace than other organisms and pass the information on to subsequent generations. But why?

Reply Sat 28 Jan, 2017 08:06 pm
I disagree that time is a human concept. Time = change. If there was no change, there would be no time. Time existed prior to humans quantifying it. The sun rises and sets, the tides come in and out, etc, etc. All humans did was to build a concept to explain what already existed. We can then choose how much of a slave to time we wish to be
Reply Sat 28 Jan, 2017 08:18 pm
It was adopted by humans. It feeds our view of self importance and helps us support our need for control allowing us to put parameters and thus emphasis on what we see as important.
In the end we need to wonder if this is all there is or is this only a beginning.
Reply Sun 29 Jan, 2017 12:47 am
We have been blessed/cursed with the ability of linear thinking?

We were just throwing out an idea that maybe... time is actually relative. Period. Dot dot. Period.

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