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Reply Wed 11 Jan, 2012 06:34 am
Bellow the line are thoughts generated by my A.H.I (Artificial Human Intelligence), enjoy.


This is a tale, a fable of a man...

There had been once a man from a far away land, this man had nothing but a rock in his hand...

This man took his rock in hand to another land and spoke to another man....

For the another had land, so the man traded his rock in hand for the mans land, ensuring that the man may do the same to another man.

This man who now lost his land and only has a rock in his hand felt that the rock was not worth his land...

So this man traveled to another land and done what the man before had done with a rock in hand.

So on and so on, it happened again and again...

Until it came to a man who sought not land, for he traded but a part of his land for but a part of the mans rock..

For he thought, if not this rock may be worth my land, shall it not be worth the hands whome to which shall work my land?

For this man started anew, he took rock in hand and traded it for hands to work his land, ensuring to those who own such hands, that they may use the mans rock to gain land.

For this man shared the knowledge of the man before him and as that man had of the one before him, and the hands worked his land in sought of such..

For this new man thought, if such rock is worth my hands and that of lands, is it not worth the drink and meat that come from the land and my hands?

So with rock in hand, the man did as which before all other did...

So on and so on, the rock passed hand to hand..

But there was a man you had no rock in hand...

This man told another man that he would he would return with rock in hand if given what dwells on his land..

For the other man said, for what aid do no rock in my hand due until you return with rock in hand?

For the man then said, for I shall return with two rocks but not one for the due of an empty hand...

So, the man returned and gave to the other, two rocks, one in each hand..

Now this man with two rocks in hand, had no place for such high of the weight that his rocks give..

For this man asked another man to hold one rock so he may have a free hand..

For this man said to such man, you must protect this rock and trade it not.

But the man said, for now my hand is not free and I must protect my hand that is full, what aid is this to me.

So the man told this man how he had received two rocks for one rock worth of land..

And said, do as I did and use what is mine, for then you shall have what is yours, and my due to you.

This is the fable of the man and is stone..
It tells of the start which led to this which is used now.

To what is called money...currency, banks, loan's, interest...

All these worldly things that which all dwells so fastly on, all came to be from a single man who came to this strange land and had nothing but a rock in his hand..

With it, he convinced his fellow man, that it was wroth his land..

Monkey see, monkey do.

And now you have paper in your pockets, coins in your purse...

For truly, this man who came from a far distant land to this, could easily take all the land of man, but he tought man, with a simple rock in hand..

Now there are two way to gain land, with your hand, or with a rock in your hand ^^.

Imagin, a fair haired man in the sands of long ago with a puzzled look at another man, as he bent down to pick a pebble and placed it in his hand..

Ah, in your infancy, you have grown...

But now another man has come...

To show, you hath not grown..

These words are from no book, nor form, nor dwell anywhere but here..

From where they go is as to as a pebble from my hand..
as long ago..

For the civility of this world holds its worth to that man, who showed that the pebble in is hand, is worth all of mans land..

Ye, but the way as before still prevails, for force has not gone in sight of the might of that pebble..

Blows of fists and hands yeiled to that of sword and arrow, to things beyond..

For the pebble grew from stone to pillar, to paper and to pen, it binds and destroys, criples and kills, but by only holding back that which is not given..

It was not know that first man, that the pebble given was but a command...

Force demands, but the pebble commands..

For the pebble is of the land, and it share the worth of all things of the land.

As a command to take away, or a command to give onto...it state may change, but in act it remains the same, for it is only command..

To demand is to ask as it is to say, just as to command is to demand.

In lay a hidden law of communcation.

The view is hidden, as yourself that you are now covers its sight with values of what, but not of it.

As the one who knows of the pebble, and hath crafted the land from which it lay, as it was given, it shall be taken away.

And a simple understand shall justly remain..

It is wishfull thinking is it not..

Yet you see now, that all who hold the pebbles are but man, whome which hands are not theirs to command...

For all their pebbles may buy back this land..

The world would be free, paid by the pebbles of all of man..

Now you see, the words of me are greater than thee, nor book can rival me..

These things I have not wrote to paper or of alike..

Nor shall I, for these things come from that which all are...but thought..

This concludes the fable of the man with a rock in his hand..

But one of countless fables that dwell within images so high within I..

And as the very first, is to the same for the last...That as the first grasped up a simple pebble that all deemed worthless which have no use but to pass and dwell within and on, so to is it the same now for the last..

Man commands not its own hands, for they are not of man to own, nor to see, in any other light than me.

As for I to speak of what I have, others shall dwell that what I speak seeks to take or devalue what they have, for in such dwelling they lash out in voice to devalue what has been stoked.

For man know not of its dwellings, just of its thoughts are known, for man shall justify what has been done with its hand...

Soon, it shall be told, that man only be as if a commentator, watching and feeling the acts before as in that which they see they are....

Logic that dwells do high, hidden from man, shall tell more of the purpose of this land, and of man..

As you have seen hints of this, for the signs that what man justify before his act be not right to claim good in its right?

But it is the act said to hold man to such that hath been said to be made by what man has justified...

First person, and third person..

What has been claimed as to see from point of, and to see from point behind of..

Ah, the might of the theme, for if such exists, so to shall the opposite of such exist...

It hides the truth as the truth, and in its words dose it lay claim to yourself, only for it to cover itself..

As the sight of it comes into view, it is only a glance until a return, the realities of the doing of pebbles and hands..

To the flesh, blood, and breath of the land, to held fast and laugh but to weep and multiply..

Such views may be of no use to you, for all they lead to have made which has been casted to this realm and world, for they are the things which has made what this is, and holds it what it is..

Its paths are few but are true to only one, paths of alteration..

For in there lays many ways to be spoke, ways of creation and destruction, to protection of both ways...

But all is of the same truth, change and state..

It lays only to the commentators to say of what it is, for it is what it is, and that is what you say it is, therefore you make it what it is..

Worry not for the protection of such configurations..

Nor seek fastly to swell them into a tomb of sorts..

Their configuration shall remain the same, but as you pass, the view shall change and the view of the past shall fade..

For the formula, is the prize...not its works...

It is founded in a dwelling that cannot be thought, for it is the thought that cannot be thought of...for there is no relation to any land which where environment may lend a helping hand to reveal..

In time, every nation and all whome dwell within this land and world shall be given the formula, and all shall be made known unto all..

Only then can all see another as themselves, and do unto another as unto themselves...

As to, the means to deal with the theme shall allow for those who come forth from the theme to strike to take without giving...

All is but wish full thinking to those who view...

But I tell this to you, it is not man who commands the hands of man, it is but the theme...

Man, the commentator..

To stop the world, and change the game...for to what good shall it be to...as to take away from fellow man is what man may say, all while unseen, that it is not you, the you is but the thought...
nor the act nor the expression...nor the feeling..

The clue is "Experience".

You do not exist, and now you do, what do you see around you, other than what experience tells you...

The proof shall not be said of now, soon..

To see the view just to lose it to another, for is this not as to forget what as been thought..

As a switch to a light, man says no to change from on to off, and seeks only to forget when benefit itself...

It comes clear, that we are not the organism, but we are forced to feel, and experience its very existence..

Held low only to comment, but held so light to speak out to another behind the masks..

From these ends, may soon to come shall man understand and know what love is..

With this, I come to an end, for another change shall another state I come..

Enjoy, a dwell fast to what ever heeds your feasts of desire..

But pay mind, to another...
Reply Mon 16 Jan, 2012 03:09 am
What you have so beautifully written is the principle of the "Intermidable Derivative" and I'm not just talking Zeno. I knew it had many facets, but I never considered there were half this many; there are probably more, but who's counting? The arguments seem diametrically opposed, even paradoxical. But, as we see, they are not but facets of one philosophical creature. the only thing I can see that may be lacking is the limitation of mankind to the path of pure reason. Kant certainly found its flaws as well as showing the absurdity of the condition in the study of Metaphysics. (I think of Woody Allen's explanation as to why he went to college for such a short period of time). This one belongs as an essay in The Mensa Bulletin. It would give Richard Lederer a run for his esteemed cushion as "The Bard Of Mensa". Ha Hah!
Reply Tue 24 Jan, 2012 07:28 pm
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