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Reply Fri 2 Dec, 2011 08:50 am

I am have difficulty translating my argument into Prepositional logic. Please help me. Here is my argument

Net neutrality limits the number and type of perspectives accessible and relegates all competitors to the fringe. Granted, there have always been alternatives to mainstream media, such as underground 'zine culture and public access television. However, it wasn't until Google's PageRank and desktop publishing came along that such channels could be organized by merit and given an equal voice. Pushing Internet providers into the content business is destructive to all involved. Users are limited to the content approved by their provider, assuming they can afford it. Content providers and application developers are returned to the fringe, their success determined entirely by the earnings they present to the ISP.

Competition in the Internet service market is severely hampered, limited not by entry costs or management difficulties, but by a system of content partnerships and a conflation of interests. Most confusingly, limited options and higher costs will inevitably lead to lower usage and slowed growth, bad results for those in the business of facilitating Internet access. If “Carriers make money only by carrying more traffic” it's confusing that they would seek to limit their customers' ability to use their product (Thierer 3). The legal decisions to label Internet service providers as information services enables a constriction of choice, at every level of this complex system, that defies the nature of the network and will recreate the shortcomings of centralized, restrictive media channels.


We can conclude that that companies should be allowed to do whatever they wish to do with their own networks. This is not a fair and justified argument since internet providers do not have the right to discriminate between the amount of data which is accessible to the user and which is not. The basics of the Internet were laid down to share anything the user wishes to share. In the same fashion telephone networks don’t have the right to discriminate to decide whom you can call. Internet should be free and ISP should not predefine what sites should be accessible to the users.
Reply Mon 16 Jan, 2012 02:31 am
In other words, do what you want with what you have or can get. I'm a person and you're a person (so says the Supreme Court). You are an Internet (the implied limitation of your interpersonal realm), a Service (which means you provide a service or services to your paying clients who want to reach out to as many of us you can provide) and Provider (which means you produce access or whatever with your service). the best way to kill an ISP is to destroy its means to provide service to the member or the mercantile client. Thus, it will become too big to keep organized or sufficiently serve. The next best way is let it get outdated, slow and too expensive to operate as an entity. thus, it won't be worth using. The next way is to have it get swallowed up by another company or ISP, lose its identity, its power and its money. All the user has to do is act existentially by choosing another ISP and using another browser. It used to be greed that killed. But now this is a virtue which breings along its other virtuous partners Avarice, Gluttony, False Pride, Vanity and now even Slovenliness and Wastefulness. I think we need another Sacred Cow Shoot. The cow is Corporate Capitalism.
Reply Tue 24 Jan, 2012 07:28 pm
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