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Reply Thu 22 Sep, 2011 09:39 am
1000's Gay and Religious Activists Cower From Fundamental Factualist

As a fundamental Factual Activist, unlike Gay or Religious Activists, I do not use Lies, truth, belief or delusions to back my claims on global / Canadian issues. I stick with facts because in the end it is the fact that validates or falsifies Lies, truth or belief etc.

Broadening my horizons / seeking new territory to raise awareness to the very fundamental of primary global / Canadian issues I address, I found this activist site with thousands of members. Since I had just written the articles about the CFL, I dropped the 3 parts / articles on one portion of the site. I found an appropriate area to drop an article composed of the factual evidence proving that the fundamental / foundation of every religion that exists / ever existed is based upon lies. I then looked for the appropriate area of the site to drop an article composed of the factual evidence proving that the gays base their fundamentals of every issue (to do with their proven bias agenda) upon lies and delusions. Within seconds of dropping these articles I noticed that the discussions had already begun. I then proceeded to quest for more new territories / web sites / forums.

That particular site can be found here


and now here


I came back to this site 2 days later to address the discussions following the articles and couldn't find my articles anywhere. I then thought that if I logged into the site I could more easily find them. That is when I found out that they banned me and claimed that it was because of spam. This is an Activist site (activists raise awareness to issues) telling me that I was banned for Activism!

These are people who go around forcing lies upon society calling it activism, yet when faced with a fundamental factual Activist they cower away while exemplifying ignorance. One would think that they, as so called activists, would know better. Sure they go around as so called activists pleading for attention when it seems convenient to them and yet fluff off factual information while trying to pretend that it doesn’t even exist. Their mono, if ya can't beat them, get rid of them and pretend that the factually based info they share doesn't exist while hoping that society remains blind so they can continue their rants and raves excluding the facts they so obviously avoid ...

Sure I was willing to take them all on through interaction in discussion but I didn't even have to do that because the articles I left behind already claimed victory as quite obviously they banned me because they couldn't contest the facts shared within the articles backing the claims made within the articles.

These so called activists are banning someone for dropping articles on 3 issues in 3 different sub categories of their forums and calling it spam. Please, what a cop out / how transparent and weak / pathetic. So called activists banning an activist for activism and calling it spam because the facts I share reveal many of them for the delusional liars they prove to be.

Aside from this, it wouldn't surprise me if this site were the primary base full of the disgruntled groups who are on many sites that I come across. When they see I arrive they go immediately towards convincing management that I am a hater / a spammer or anything else they can come up with with their bias slants / delusional mind sets to avoid the public becoming aware of the factual information that reveals them for the delusional liars they prove to be. They also say things in discussion like "we don't want you here" or "Who let this freak in" (don't worry about me, I am use to it) while completely avoiding the factual information within the issues I address. Sure when one of them spots me, they get all of their bias support networks to come to the site and gang up on management. It has happened to me so many times over the years it would likely make your head spin.

They go around pushing their so called activism on others when it seems convenient to them and yet can't even deal with activism directed at themselves for they quite obviously prove to be Hippocrates / ignorant / weak / cowards.

Sticking with the facts has certainly opened my eyes to many things I wasn't aware of at one time. Sticking with the facts has made addressing the issues I tackle a cake walk. Sticking with the facts reveals who has bias intent during the following discussions proceeding the initial articles. Sticking with facts makes things very clear.

I'll continue on strong raising awareness to the fundamental factual information on the primary global / Canadian issues I address no matter how many of these cowards / so called activists don't like it. I'll continue on trying different approaches / methods / extremities to accomplish this because I love and care about the well being of the future of the life on this planet. The next time you hear someone calling me a hater / spammer etc. have a look at the discussion following the proceeding article I left behind and see for yourself that not one of them contests the facts backing the claims that I share which reveals these so called activists for the liars they prove to be. Do the math!

What really gets me is, aside from the issue as presented above, for thousands of years religion has been leading the globe to war and divide for thousands of years leading to the death of millions if not billions. For pointing this fact out along with the non contestable factual evidence proving that every religion that ever existed is based upon a fundamental of lies I get labeled a hater. Well excuse me for valuing life more than I value lies unlike the religious exemplify! Then people who have admittedly read my articles including this evidence then have the nerve to ask me why religion infuriates me so much! Now that is ignorance!

I have shared the very factual evidence proving that gays are corrupting society with lies while ignoring fact and using delusions as premise to base their foundations of their every issue. No one contests this evidence because of course I do use fact to back my claims and yet for this they attempt to label me a hater. Well excuse me for valuing just foundations based upon fact for constructing laws / legislation / children's minds / everyone’s brain more than I value lies / ignorance and delusions constructing laws / legislation / children's minds / everyone’s brain unlike the gays of modern day quite clearly exemplify!

I have taken on these issues and many more all at once and it is quite easy for me to tackle such primarily because I stand strong with facts backing my claims on these and many more issues which I tackle and like a bulldozer I plow right over delusions, lies, truth and belief for they are all the garbage that crumble when pit vs. fact every time. Like a starving Pride of lions on the Serengeti I hunger for the destruction of such lies truths beliefs and delusions for they are what is primarily responsible for why society is so messed up and ignorant! I seek to make the planet a better place for all to live upon in completing these goals. If you refer to me as a hater or anything else negative for this, it is because you hide behind lies and you do not want society to become aware of the facts I share which easily proves this.

They always avoid the facts because ignorance towards what fact reveals is their only defense, and as I raise awareness across the globe, keep your eyes and ears open and you will witness their only defense crumble as we finally rid ourselves of such greedy selfish manipulative rubbish in this instance that both the gays and the religious so obviously exemplify!

One other thing that gets me is that we allow these lies to continue to circulate (religious filth still circulates, gay agenda lies / delusions / ignorance towards what fact proves are being used for legislation etc.) further corrupting our societies and yet our so called justice systems punish people for lying in a court of law??! This is insane and it's time to bring some sanity to the table and it is my pleasure to do such. There is no justice in further allowing such filthy lies to continue to circulate especially when our future generations depend upon us and our actions now allot more than people in general realize.

Why are you not capable of contesting the facts I share backing the claims I make? That is a little something for all of you to think about. I'm willing to take all 7 billion of ya on because I care about ya and cause it's a piece of cake Wink

Again if there is a religious filth hole as a poling station in the up coming provncial election, My vote becomes void because I refuse to support the pushing of religious filth upon society!

David Jeffrey Spetch

Ps. Be good, be strong!

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