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Reply Fri 3 Jun, 2011 07:45 pm
First off you'd think that argueing too much on a philosophy forum was impossible but clearly that's argueable.

I'll be honest, I've been kicked off a forum before. But as far as I have deduced it was definitly not because I cursed... unless someone hacked my account... but even that seems unlikely considering none of my posts on that forum contain any curse words. I also didn't say anything with any obvious intent to insult people and I'll say I definitly didn't intend to insult people. Evidently what I did wrong is I simply argued too much, they wern't bad arguements in so far as at least they were mostly valid, but I thing the main thing and what I have learned, I think, is that if you keep argueing with somebody and they can't keep argueing back they either begin to ignore you or ban you, so I'll try not to over argue things.

Now part of the reason I probably over argued things is because I am Socratic at least in the sense of being a person that thinks it is most likely that one can't really know anything, they can only assert possibilities. And if we know anything from history, socraties was killed, because lets face it people who think they don't know anything tend to ask too many questions. There like a child that always asks why...

My intention is like this: One thing you can do is tell someone what you think is true. Another thing you can do is point out flaws in logic such that if there is truth someone will inevitably reach it. Its like the difference between knowing the answer and arriveing at the answer by the process of illimination.

Anyways, I'll try my best not to ask why so much that it becomes irritating and only so far as I think others would think that they will benifit from it. If I'm being irritateing at least tell me and if I continue anyways, which I can't say with any certainty I won't, then at least give me a warning before you ban me. I guess I do think being banned as I was on that other cite, while it may of been fair or for the best, it seemed a little harsh not to warn me...
Reply Thu 1 Aug, 2013 08:57 am
haha...yea.. that happens to me..not around here. i haven't been on a forum before ..but in real life.
what i do just tell people what i think about what they think...n eventually it grows into an argument .

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