Does life truly exist?

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Reply Sat 26 Mar, 2011 11:12 am
atoms are the true building blocks of the universe. everything that has matter is an atom. however, if that is so, if we have sentient life, why dont atoms? i believe that our thoughts are no more deliberate electrical signals than we are truly alive. they could be coincidental electrons passing from one group of atoms to another. i look at the universe this way: we are simply atoms that are assembled in a way that gives us "conscious" thought, while we are in reallity simply the result of conditions being right for something happening, like us. sorry if this isnt really clear, but what im trying to say is, we are nothing but atoms resembling what those atoms believe are "life".
chaz wyman
Reply Mon 16 May, 2011 07:48 am
What do you mean by Life?
When you answer this question you will have answered the header.

I think your posting is confused, atoms don't think.
Th evidence of thinking only comes about when atoms are organised in very specific and complicated ways.
Reply Fri 3 Jun, 2011 08:03 pm
I would say that clearly life exists, its just that not all definitions of life are correct.

Reply Mon 6 Jun, 2011 07:12 am
You must have a correct definition as you state that, 'clearly life exists'. What is your correct definition?
Reply Sat 14 Apr, 2012 09:45 pm
In order to ask such silly selfexplanatory question, you must be in a state of psychosis.
Reply Thu 19 Apr, 2012 11:32 am
Thats a good question and you explained it well. That is too complicated to answer and when i face this kinds of questions I stop and become quiet and just wondering how mysterious it (life) is.

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