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Reply Tue 25 Aug, 2009 09:19 am
I thought it would be useful to collect links to some of the free & legal secondary resources on Wittgenstein available on the Internet.

A.C Grayling- Wittgenstein on Scepticism and Certainty
Wittgenstein on Scepticism and Certainty

P.M.S Hacker
- Of Knowledge and knowing that Someone is in Pain
- Wittgenstein and the autonomy of Humanistic Understanding
- When the Whistling had to stop
- Was he trying to Whistle it?
- Wittgenstein, Carnap and the New American Wittgensteinens,%20Carnap%20and%20the%20New%20American%20Wittgensteinians.pdf

Internet Encyclopeida of Philosophy
Wittgenstein, Ludwig[The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]

Ludwig Wittgenstein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wittgensteins Ladder Introduction by Marjorie Perloff
Wittgenstein's Ladder: Introduction

Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations Critical Essays
Wittgenstein's philosophical ... - Google Books

Wittgenstein & Nobert Davis

Newspaper Article on Wittgenstein's architecture
A dwelling for the gods | Books | The Guardian

Extensive Collections of Links about Wittgenstein
Wittgenstein Links

BBC Radio 4- In Our Time- Wittgenstein
BBC - Radio 4 In Our TimePresented By Melvyn Bragg - Wittgenstein

An excerpt from Cora Diamond: "Peter Winch on the Tractatus and the unity of Wittgenstein's philosophy

Philosophy Bites Interview On Wittgenstein's Conception of Philosophy
Philosophy Bites

The Blue Book (ENG)

A lecture On Ethics By Wittgenstein

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

Shall Continue to Add more when I find more!
Reply Tue 29 Sep, 2009 06:36 am
SEP has three articles on him:

Ludwig Wittgenstein (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Mathematics

Wittgenstein's Aesthetics
Reply Wed 21 Apr, 2010 02:39 pm
There is an excellent blog-site 'Methods of Projection' that not only has some good discussion on Wittgenstein, but also has many useful links.

Unfortunately, the blogger has decided to stop posting. But he is leaving the site up for a while longer and the links are still working.

The blog-site is located here: Methods of Projection

Also, a number of Peter Hacker's articles were linked to in the original post. Here's the link to his homepage: Dr PMS Hacker Many more articles can be found there along with a recording of a debate between him, D. Dennett and J.R. Searle.

He was involved in the latest (4th) edition of "Philosophical Investigations"
and is considered to be one of the leading authorities on the philosophy of Wittgenstein.
Reply Wed 19 May, 2010 07:19 am
A couple more links for those interested in keeping up with current studies on Wittgenstein:

British Wittgenstein Society

Home (North American Wittgenstein Society)

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