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Reply Sun 19 Oct, 2008 10:37 pm
66 - Doctrine and Theology
Pages 251-253 P:SWK

In this section, there is a single idea common to each aphorism and parable by Kierkegaard: Natural theology must die in order for Christianity to live. With quotes like: "to treat Christianity as a science is to change it into something of the past and to admit that it is no longer something present" and "Christianity should not be lectured about. Christ says my teaching is food. Christ has not appointed assistant-professors - but followers", it is easy to see that for Kierkegaard, Christianity is a way of life and not a history lesson.

"When Christianity becomes nothing but doctrine, the test is nothing but a scholarly examination." Ah yes, the test. To modern Christians, we read about the tests of life as depicted in stories and parables from Adam and Eve to Apostle Paul as well as how they handled them and the consquences of their actions. But the stories can't just be mere rote and regurgitation; no, it must take a hold of you, to change your outlook, and test your character and person: "Christ did not establish any doctrine; he acted. He did not teach that there was redemption, he redeemed. Christ's relationship to God, nature, and the human situation was conditioned by his activity. Everything else is to be regarded only as introduction."

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