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Reply Sat 18 Oct, 2008 06:48 am
45 - The Offense
Pages 171-172 in P:SWK

Again Kierkegaard takes issue with apologists who attempt to make Christianity reasonable. Core Christian beliefs are inherently contradictory to human reason and nature, and thus must be offensive to rational non-believers. Attempts to rationalize and sugar-coat Christianity to the non-believer diminish the religion's value, because if Christianity is as great and wonderful as it claims, it does need any defenders. It must and ought to stand on its own for believers to accept its greatness or for non-believers to take offense.

"Therefore, take away from Christianity the possibility of offense or take away from the forgiveness of sin the battle of an anguished conscience. Then lock the churches, the sooner the better, or turn them into places of amusement which stand open all day long!"

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