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Reply Fri 9 Feb, 2007 03:57 pm
Hello. I would have used a different name being that people always misread my name, but, though I've tried others, I've grown too attached to this one over the years.

To introduce myself though, I'm 28. I live in Minnesota in the United States. Because it pertains to philosophy I'll say my mother's family is catholic and my fathers lutheren. Me and my 2 other brothers under the same parents never shared much interest in the somewhat religious background of our parents' families, and as a consequence probably would have called ourselves athiests if we were to "choose a side."

I however would not call myself an athiest, rather I would classify all religion, poetry, music, literature, movies, and stories of all kinds as variations of mythology. You could follow the teachings of Christianity or the Star Wars Jedi and still come out with many of the same meanings.

BTW, a little joke I found.

Time to get myself to work now.

P.S. I apologize if I offended someone by calling their Star Trek religion a joke. Its very unusual to me and in consequence humorous. Would this be considered incorrect conduct on the Philosophy Forum?
Reply Fri 9 Feb, 2007 04:44 pm
@Demen Tolden,
I also am new to this forum and indeed philosophy in general being only 15 years old and having had less time to think. Ive just finished reading a book entitled "Thus spake zarathustra" *which I enjoyed a lot* it would be great if anyone could direct me to some more great books/philosophers. Are there books which would be considered essential reading? any help would be much appreciated
Reply Fri 9 Feb, 2007 10:11 pm
Can I say hello to Thyrm! Or Josh.

Welcome to this forum!

I don't have a lot of advise to give you unfortunatley. But I do know of one book that you may benefit from. The book is called "The Examined Life: Advanced Philosophy for Kids.

I would advise you this: Don't be bored too easily by philosophical writings. Because the writings of philosophers do indeed become exiciting the more we know of what they are saying. So learn more and more about the philosopher and what they are saying and the writing will appear more and more exiciting and interesting.
Reply Sat 10 Feb, 2007 12:42 am
@Demen Tolden,
Welcome you both to the Philosophy Forum!

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