Living with Existentialism

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Reply Sun 26 Feb, 2012 08:34 pm
I am wondering what ever happened to the original poster?

The reality is that one must learn to live without reason, which is of course very difficult for directed, goal-orientated people. I was like that in my youth- I did things because I saw an ultimate goal involved, that was a key part of the mechanism that allowed me to act.

There are many solutions to absurdity; for Sartre he simply never saw himself as a victim- at the centre of him one didn't find questions about the absurd but rather a constant connection to the idea that whatever he did in the moments that followed, were 100% his own creations, his own choice. He refused to be a victim and make victim-hood as his central concern.

Camus shows us that a human can be proud in being 'bigger than his rock'. Absurdity is a massive stone to bear, it, i'm sure, has drowned many great minds that none of us will ever hear of- The idea of Sisyphus continuing, choosing and creating is inspiring- it allows us to have pride at taking on something that is tailor-made way to injure the human mind.

Dostoevsky is someone to avoid in my view. His Godless characters either go mad, become ridiculed and ridiculous or turn to God.

The original question was "how do you live with existentialism" and the answer is, for me, badly. Those who existentialism has never depressed have not understood it, and even Sartre who claims to have never been unhappy could not have written Nausea without confronting the depths of this question.


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