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Reply Mon 6 Apr, 2009 07:00 am
@Victor Eremita,
My previous post was too short, now here's the long answer.

Victor Eremita wrote:
Is overcoming desirable? Is it something that should be embraced? I mean, I'm all for becoming a better man and finding my true existential self. But do you really need to overcome your faults, mistakes, the social world in order to do so?

I see monks overcoming their desires, but that doesn't really give any benefits as they doesn't do any prductive things with this.

Nor does it seem people are strong enough to keep their true self, as ideals are ideals, rarely practically ideals. Health gurus preaches slimness, yet only a faction of people can achive slimness and optimal bmi.

Overcoming faults and mistakes, ehrmmm I see G. Bush-who-was-not-so-bright being reelected to the most powerful job.

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