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Reply Wed 30 Dec, 2009 07:00 pm
(I do not mean to usurp the title of prologue, but who ever wants to get started on the next thread/chapter can do so as long as it is in sequence, 4 days from the 1st anyone can open the thread which gets the next chapter started, and not sure when where the prologue starts, so I have, because i have something to say, sorry if i have stepped over anyones toes:))

Dont you just love it when you find a writting that makes you an adventurer and in you a need for the adventure!

I am left with a worry I am a 'last human' (for all the fear i am without and all the fear i know i should have), anyone else worry they would be catergorised as a 'last human' and why should it matter if we are? And yet with some of what it sounds we should be fearful of becoming we are better off for it?
Last human is solved but as ungrateful for the ride as i am contented by the finish.
We become contented to not fear our lives, infact we find there is a reason for no reason.

So far reading has made me resolved to go out and not know whats coming.
Makes me need nature and earth sense again.
Find and rediscover God again, (for that earth of sense is where i first found my God) continuously, contiguously.
To find God is not the all solution, when you make your God, you must uncover daily as enterprise, (possibly dutifully, a duty to the self first)

What is there to fear if there is a everything? and what is there to fear if there is a nothing, after?
What is there to lose?
When there is nothing to gain or everything waiting to be gotten?

More because more will have been done by you.
sometime sun
Reply Thu 31 Dec, 2009 07:47 pm
@sometime sun,
Which of the 'I love him' dictates would you catergorise yourself as?

I am a toss up between; 'I love him whose soul is deep even in being wounded, and who can perish from the smallest experience: thus he gose gladly over the bridge'
And the other self wanted description is; 'I love him who chastens his God because he loves his God: for the wrath of his God must be his perishing'

both the highest but not the most reasonable, but these are the two 'I love him who' that i would prefer myself to aspire be describes as.

What would your prefered 'I love him who' would you have yourself be described as?

And finishing this, there is a film out there, 'Man on Wire' a film about a tight-rope walker, would you have it? A film about Philippe Petit,
G Parkes; 'You have made danger your calling; there is nothing in that to despise'
Kaufmann; 'You have made danger your vocation; there is nothing contemptible in that.'
Philippe Petit who walked between the Twin-Towers and other bridges in an act of artistic anarchism, a journey of self expression discovery realisation.
Watch this film 'Man on Wire' you will be glad of it.

(Tell me if i need to be somewhere else with the posts of this Z group.)

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