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Reply Tue 6 Oct, 2009 11:53 pm For this discussion, you may need to enlighten yourself to the concept of the Equilibrium here:
It's a very primitive summary of the Equilibrium, though. If you want to read in greater detail, search here: Adam's House: The Equilibrium

Again, this seems to be a problem for some people on this forum, but I refer to the God as Allah or Jah most often. I also refer to God (Allah) as a she. I mean no disrespect toward Allah, and she knows it. Please, for the sake of discussion, overlook these small differences in us.

I've heard that purgatory is a place in between Heaven and Hell; however, I only believe this to be partially true. I believe purgatory is a way of describing a fluid reality -- something that can change. You may imagine the idea using The Equilibrium. The blue circle represents the infinite manner of Heaven, the red circle represents the infinite manner of hell, and there are infinite spaces in between, represented by purple, but collectively, they make up a purgatory, and I believe this is for the people living on Earth and in the spirit-life.

We're in neither a Heaven nor a Hell, but a place in between the two. It's possible for a purgatory to lean toward Heaven and in an infinite manner, it may lean toward Hell, again, in an infinite manner, or lay somewhere in between Heaven and Hell. I think all realms of living are purgatories. For instance, right now we can't say that we're living in Hell because too much good happens, but we can't say that we're living in Heaven, either, because too much bad happens. I think we're living in a place between Heaven and Hell, within a purgatory.

In one direction, there's Hell, both on Earth and in the spirit-life, made bad enough for the worst of people -- no matter how bad they get, there's a spot for them. I think a Heaven exists in the opposite direction and millions and billions -- infinite spots in between Heaven and Hell for people that are being neither perfectly good nor perfectly bad or acted neither perfectly good nor perfectly bad during their lives. This is how I believe it's possible for us to create a Heaven on Earth.

I think Allah will judge people accordingly and put them in a place fit for their actions in the purgatory of the spirit-life -- the Heaven, Hell, and all that's between -- and I believe Allah alone decides these places according to your actions and thoughts; she's the ultimate judge. Nevertheless, I feel like we'll be in the same spot in the spirit-life and people will be able to talk with one another, even though they didn't do exactly the same on Earth in terms of good and bad. I believe that some angels will be blessed more than others will, as some demons will be more cursed than some, but we're all in the same place.

I think that the Hell is similar to a correctional facility in that you move in purgatory toward Heaven as you learn your lesson(s), and I think the same is true for everyone, not just people in Hell. We're forever learning, and because Heaven is an infinite concept, I believe we have the potential to be blessed in the spirit-life for eternity because Allah is forgiving -- we may go farther into Heaven no matter where we're at. I can't imagine Allah making a life into an eternity of torture even for murder, but I think the worse you do, the longer you stay in a deeper Hell. Our punishment will be just, because Allah is the ultimate persecutor.

I believe there are different levels in the purgatory of the spirit-life. The more evil you are, the worse your Hell is going to be, and the more good you are, the better your Heaven will be. I don't think, though, that just because my brother and I weren't equally good that we'll be put in different places if we both make it to Heaven, or that we'll never be able to talk again. Instead, I feel like everyone in Heaven is in the same place but the better you did, the more blessed you're going to be in the spirit-life, and I think blessed means that you gain wisdom and understanding beyond your imagination, as well as freedom to roam through Heaven as you please. Therefore, I believe that two people that lived somewhat different lives, though they were both good, can still communicate with one another. For instance, shouldn't Jesus be able to talk to anyone? I would imagine that he's the most blessed angel in Heaven.

In Hell, though, I think you're submitted to the ill imagination of the punishing Allah. She can do whatever she wants to in order to make you learn your lesson, and her imagination is boundless. In Hell, I think it's possible to be tortured in infinite ways, including physical pain and mental confusion. If you go to hell, I imagine you will regret it, because Allah is the ultimate disciplinary. She'll judge on anything she wants to, too.

Conversely, in Heaven, I think she gives you freedom, allowing the angels to create their own realities, both individually and collectively. I believe that we can do whatever we want to do. If we want to eat an apple, all we have to do is imagine we have an apple and then eat it. If we want to play sports, watch sports, or do anything else you want to do, you can do it, and all you have to do is will it. You can also speak with the ultimate -- hang out and talk with her.

I think true Heaven is perfect -- no one sins intentionally, everyone's polite when they're suppose to be, and they all accept each other. In Heaven, I believe all of your desires are fulfilled.

I think influence is one of the most powerful qualities in human nature, considering our inclination to socialize. If one person influences another, the thought has multiplied, and as long as it's active and living, it continues to accumulate and develop, like a seed growing into a forest. Even if a few do not comply, it will still grow, be compelled to flourish, and thrive through others; influence is full of life.

There are positive influences, negative influences, and influences that are affected by both natures. For instance, what type of influence is it by telling someone that they're going to die one day anyway, they might as well smoke? In my opinion, it depends on where you live and whether or not it's illegal, whether it's good or bad for your body, whether you want it or not, what it will do for you, and so on. In this case, I believe that it's highly negative influence. However, a statement like, "You got to be happy, eat if you want to eat," is an influence that I think is affected by both the positive and negative spectrum of influence. It may be good for you to eat right there, but not every time you want to eat.

Our society is drowning in a sea of influence, too. Our ideologies spring from the lives of others -- their thoughts, their emotions, their dreams, their actions -- like Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus, Adolph Hitler, and The Buddha; these people's influences still resonate in our realities. I would imagine your grandmother's life still influences you in some ways, as well as your friends growing up, your family, both direct and indirect, other people you have met or heard of, television, music, movies, books, the economy, your passions, and anything else you can think of. Influence is everywhere in life.

I think that entertainment is the world's biggest influence. Movies, music, television, shows, sports, socializing, and books influence us to such a degree that I see it as a mirror to our spirits. In some way, each person acts in a manner according to what he or she experiences because entertainment can put our spirits at rest, and if we find something that makes us happy or makes other people happy, we mimic it in order to generate more of that happiness.

I believe we should promote goodness, a wide range of successful individuality, love, knowledge, and Allah. We can still have all the excitement of what we entertain ourselves with today, but we just need to influence people positively, like promoting recycling, source reduction, and things that lead to heaven.

I think we can feel what influence is correct (positive) and which is incorrect (negative) with our senses -- the same way you feel what is right and wrong and what is good and bad -- through your conscience. We should influence ourselves in a positive manner and everyone we meet, too, and I think I know this will lead to a Heaven on Earth.

Ask yourself, though, and try to understand the question: "What is being good?"

I've concentrated on my thoughts and actions, and I've directed them toward what I felt was good in accordance with my best wisdom, saying, "I think this is good," and not preaching our lying to myself. I've broken down my conscious thoughts, and I've made them my idea of good. I've concluded that doing whatever you want to do without sinning is the way to be good. I think that love is the greatest quality of goodness, though. Love your Mother in Heaven, Love your Father in Heaven, love your mother(s) and father(s) on Earth, love your direct family, your spiritual brothers and sisters, and love the Earth and everything on it. I define good as something that has more happiness than unhappiness. An action that produces more happiness than sadness is a GOOD thing and is morally correct to me.

Be good and influence others to be good. As Jesus said, "In this same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in Heaven." - Mathew 5:16

If you want wheat, you must plant a wheat seed, nurture it, and then finally you can enjoy your work. If you want anything, you must invest in that anything, or plant its seed, and tend to it.

For instance, if you want Allah in your life, you must invest in Allah; pray, go to church, read the Bible, invest in Godly businesses, and so forth. If you enjoy seafood, invest in seafood restaurants, go fishing more often, live by a body of water, buy a boat, or do all mentioned; whatever you want imbued in your life, you must mix it in, and this is true on a small scale and on a big scale.

If you want a good society, you must invest in what is good, not what makes you money. Even if that means investing money in a company that is going under, because I think it could eventually catch up if everyone gives notice to it, especially if everyone else is good and decides to help a just cause. I think you should assist in building what's good.

If you act good and respect people, I believe that the same will come back around to you, though I don't think it's like programming a computer, where because you did something good you're going to be rewarded. It's more like creating reality (reaping what you sow), and this idea is something very similar to karma, though different. If you lead a good life -- a life where you love Allah wholly & pertain to her wishes-- you'll be blessed in Heaven, but if you live an evil life, I think you'll suffer in Hell. If you do good things in life, you will help create a good world, but if you do bad things, you will create a Hell on Earth.

If every single person on Earth were good, the world would make a radical change for the better, and if we sowed good seed, our crops would be eternal.

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