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Reply Thu 27 May, 2010 01:16 pm
As a new art form (on timescales of the History of Philosophy) I haven't read any good philosophical contemplations on understanding and judging movies. So I thought I'd ask two questions:

Do you have a recommendation for someone that directly tackles the question of beauty, or just the aesthetic judgment, of movies?

How is it that you approach the judging of movies?
Reply Tue 1 Jun, 2010 05:11 pm
Huxley, just in passing, the fields of semiotics often raise interesting insights into films and similar types of mediums. Anyway, here's a few links that might begin to serve an interest:

Philosophical Films
Philosophy of Film (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Philosophical Films
Surrealism and Dada Aesthetics and Philosophy of Film

Finally, here's a great essay I think you should enjoy and one which led me onto the road of discovering Baudrillard a few years back:
Walter Benjamin

Indeed, check out this wiki on the fellow himself:
Walter Benjamin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Well, I hope that gets the proverbial ball rolling. Good luck in your own pursuits and enquiries :a-ok:
Reply Wed 2 Jun, 2010 02:41 am
Check out Celluloid Heroes & Mechanical Dragons: Film as the Mythology of Electronic Society (9781877275746): John, David Ebert: Books

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