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Reply Thu 7 Dec, 2006 12:28 pm
Hi 2 all reading my first post on this forum:).
I have some (many) questions but first some intro from me. Not long ago i was a man of "empirical view" of the universe, but the universe changed to me;). It all started when i found WR "corelated" with N.Tesla. I ordered a book of his via amazon. That left me wondering few days why i even orderd it, because it was my first "e-buy" and not my kind of material. Anyway, i got his New Concept of the Universe and it made my head ring, very loud. Naturaly i bought his other books, none of Lao's or HSC tough. That was 2 years ago, i'm reading them ever since. I haven't meditated on the subject yet. I would be grateful for explanation (or a pointer) of a good method or a way (or someones personal experience) of meditation (to a noob). My interest in WR's work is of "scientifical nature", if i still know what that means:). Sorry for my spelling and english.
Thank you.
Reply Thu 7 Dec, 2006 05:25 pm
Welcome to the Philosophy Forum mr4v0! You've come to the right place and we're happy you found us.

If you'd like, feel free to ask something specific. There are a number of folks on here that are very familiar with the works of Walter Russell.
Reply Sun 11 Feb, 2007 02:44 pm
Frater Mr4v0,
Walter Russell has much material in his course on meditation so it would be my first reading.

I always say that to learn how to meditate we must know what meditation is all about. Meditation is about 1/2 hour concentration and 1/2 hour "meditation".

Imagine you are a fisherman and you come to the ocean to fish. The fisherman is the self and the ocean is the subconscious. Concentrating on the question/problem is preparation of the "bate". Do not try to reach a solution just cover all that pertains to the Question/problem (visualize). When you are satisfied you have prepared the bate trow the line into the ocean. The bate will attract the fish (answer) due to its magnetism. After you trow the line into the ocean bring your mind to a stillness (do not think) and put yourself in a state where you are attentive for an answer. The answer will come then or later when you least expect it.

So you see all answers exist in the overall Subconscious. Being in meditation means that you seek the answer in the subconscious by magnetizing (emotion) your question and letting the personal subconscious work on the answer. The personal subconscious has access to the overall Subconscious (of which it is a part) and to the Superconscious (The Master within).

Another way would be to listen to baroque music (50 cycle) and lie down or sit putting all your attention on the music. This is a preliminary way to do it.

The Hermit

Give somebody a fish and he will eat that night. Teach somebody to fish and he will never go hungry again.
Reply Mon 12 Feb, 2007 06:48 am
Thanks Hermit! I posted that before I got the HSC (with a help of a friend; thank you Starchild), I agree Dr. teaches (reminds) us about that in his works. Nicely said, bravo! Thank you again.
Best regards.
Reply Mon 25 May, 2009 11:45 am
mr4v0;1608 wrote:
I would be grateful for explanation (or a pointer) of a good method or a way (or someones personal experience) of meditation (to a noob). My interest in WR's work is of "scientifical nature", if i still know what that means:).
Thank you.

"The fact that "all knowledge exists" and that it is omnipresent and available [to] you all for the asking or desiring is fast being discovered by those of you who have become most proficient in the art of meditation.

And there also is another cause for gratification in the increasing comprehension of what meditation means. Meditation is not for the purpose of acquiring a state of BLISS or of divine ECSTASY. Its purpose is to transform one from the condition which CREATION IS to the condition which CREATION IS NOT. When one acquires that state of universal stillness by overcoming his senses, he IS IN THE CREATIVE STATE. He becomes ONE with the Creator. The ecstasy or bliss of that condition is not sensual although, unfortunately, many students interpret the idea of bliss as a condition of the senses.

True meditation transforms one to a state of mental bliss which only the creative genius knows. The more you can comprehend that, the more you can conquer your senses by stopping the action of your thinking to "become still and know".

We tell you this because by far the greatest number of questions ever asked of us concern this most important of all human functions, the function of meditation. No decision of man should ever come from his senses. One must cultivate the art of seeking the quiet stillness of the meditative thinker before he answers any question, or makes any decision, even though that interval is but a small fraction of a second. It is not easy to comprehend or practice this principle of timeless decentration, but the more you think inwardly the more you will find that God thinks with you by sending His message to you in TIME-LESS LIGHT FLASHES which we call "inspiration". Inspired knowledge is Cosmic knowledge. You do not for a long time realize that those flashes are God's thinking and your thinking as ONE, but they are.

That is why geniuses bring ideas into the world which were never before known in the world. That is why a Beethoven can think with God and interpret God's rhythmic thinking. That is why you can suddenly know something which you have never known before. That new knowledge comes to you in timeless flashes because you have desired it - because you have asked God to tell you NOW what you have never before known. And He does tell you. He tells you in those Light flashes of MIND THINKING." Russell, Home Study Course, unit 5, page 376-377
Peace phil
Reply Fri 5 Jun, 2009 09:19 am
I always say that to learn how to meditate we must know what meditation is all about. Meditation is about 1/2 hour concentration and 1/2 hour "meditation".

I have been told by a spiritual master, almost the same:
It's concentration, then meditation and then contemplation.

I meditate now, since a long time and found, that there are many many different states.

The ecstasy or bliss of that condition is not sensual although, unfortunately, many students interpret the idea of bliss as a condition of the senses.

Well, it's actually also very hard to describe to people which not yet experienced it. I would call it all Peace, all Freedom, all Light, everything is perfect, there's no "evil" in the creation, and therefore a tremendous "feeling" of exstacy (but as told before, not sensual) and the realization, that you yourself (what you think you are) is not doing anything. It's just the One, which is doing it, which is doing everything.
This is at least where I go. I surely know, that you can go way farther than that and realize, that you are actually the one and realize that you are everything that is. This is called God-Realization.

I personally found for myself, that although I had a very hard technical education in an elite university, I almost didn't learn anything. I discovered, that if I kind of concentrate myself very strongly one or two days on a subject, I kind of like get a connection to this "world" and start to know things intuitively in this world, which I never learnt. Like that I could easily pass the exams with the best marks, although I almost didn't learn. Sounds crazy?
Well I for myself explained it at that time for me like that: Things which are sympathetic vibrating are drawn closer to each other. So if you, by concentrating on a special topic, start to vibrate in this special "harmony" you get access to this vibratory part of the universal consciousness. This is stronger, the more you can exclusively vibrate on this "harmony". I happen to be able to do this very strongly. I can really concentrate, so that my whole world just becomes a special topic.
Once, while occuping myself with cryptography this went so far, that while seeing people on the street I just saw them as a lot of numbers broken up in prime-factors...This was really weird!
Then by keeping yourself in this world and not disturbing your brain with thoughts, the answers in this world come. For me it was even so, that often I didn't even remember doing the actual exam. It was as if I fell into kind of a trance, and at the end I suddenly realized, that the paper before me was completly solved...
I really think, that your conscious thought-pattern is extremely important. For with it, you actually draw to you similar patterns. Therefore: Think good!
Or as Dr said: Every good thought uplifts the whole human consciousness, as a drop uplifts the ocean.
Hmm. Maybe I got too offtopic...Sorry for that.

Wish you all good, and have a nice weekend
Reply Mon 21 Sep, 2009 09:25 am
@Peace phil,
Know thyself!

This is most important, to know how "you" function!"

God has a goal for us in each of our incarnations. A mountain top that we must reach.

We must use our self conscious sigh to observe the things around us in a more concentrated fashion. A quick look is not enough. We must observe everything we can in an object and apply this to all that we observe.

By having a more conscious observation we give good information (data) to our subconscious who records everything.

We make the Mother of creation pregnant. The subconscious then works deductively on the information and presents to us (the self conscious) the different results made from the premises of our observations. We must observe well that our premises may contain no error, Thus having good results from the subconscious deductive reasoning.

The self conscious must then employ Reason, order and vision to select from the various results of the subconscious selecting the one result which is the one we want to bring about (to create).

Reason itself must be guided by Intuition which is our Inner Master (God) which will inform us as to whether our selection is good or how we can modify it so that it brings the greater good for all involved.

Thus by Intuition guiding us we bring a more harmonious relationship between Self, Sub, and Super (God) consciousness. These actions bring us a better understanding of who we are and lead to the following realization.

We then discover that Self, Sub and the body (among all that we understand as "us") are really the vehicle of our Lord of creation. "We" are his vehicle and He has always been within but we have tried to drive the vehicle ourselves. Thus the many difficult consequences that come into our life making us miserable. "We" must relinquish the reins of this vehicle that He may drive it.

The Door (subconscious, Daleth) then opens, or the mouth of the beast opens to reveal the Light within it! But this is something you yourself must realize and I will stop here.

The Hermit

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