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Reply Sun 27 Jul, 2008 08:25 pm

I've been reading the forum a for a couple of hours today and was compelled (& also coerced) to join. After reading some literature recently (Hermann Hesse) I was sparked into a renewed interest in philosophy, which lead me here. I currently work full-time in a management/administration job but am contemplating going back to university to finish my BA. I spent 18 months studying Religious Studies, Math and English Lit before going through a rough patch in life and dropping out. I would like to one day return and complete my BA in Religious Studies and Philosophy if all works out.

My general and philosophical interestests are obviously linked:
-main philosophical interests are aesthetics & religion
-personal interests include music, literature, art, creative writing and history

I'm interested in Religious Studies and Philosophy of Religion, but from a secural rather than theological point of view. I do have my own religious views but I'm more interested in discussing the phenomenon, facets & manifestations of religion than personal beliefs.

I look forward to reading further and participating at some point.
Reply Sun 27 Jul, 2008 09:16 pm

Welcome to the forum, you sound like a most interesting additon to our group, there are many here who share your interests. I think you will enjoy yourself here and other will to enjoy you. After posting here you are free to respond to any thread that catches your interest or start a new topic thread which you would like to explore. Again welcome FatalMuse!!! boagie:)
Didymos Thomas
Reply Sun 27 Jul, 2008 10:54 pm
Siddhartha was great. I first read that book in high school when I was first developing an interest in philosophy.

Glad to see you on the forums.
Reply Tue 29 Jul, 2008 12:43 am
Greetings to you FatalMuse. Thanks for the intro and glad you could join us and hope you like the forum. You'll find Religion to be a big topic of discussion as it's a major part of philosophy.

Enjoy the community and please make yourself at home!

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