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Reply Tue 11 Mar, 2008 05:12 am
Hello Everyone,

Is there someone out there that understands how the elements move in there wave from start to finish of the cycle that I could ask questions too?

Thank you for your Time
Emerald King
Reply Wed 12 Mar, 2008 05:12 pm
@Emerald King,
Ok I understand that what I have asked for might be seen as asking for the "keys to the kingdom". I also understand that some people who have read my request might be thinking that why doesn't he just connect to the source and get his answers.

Well I don't think that I am ready yet to become illuminated

Back to the subject at hand; allow me to relate my experience and understand of things so far and to ask specific questions which might prompt other board members to chime in.

I am trying to understand the complete cycle of a mass from its unfolding to it maturity back to its folding and its relation to the periodic table of elements.

Does every mass seemingly project the qualities of every element in sequence i.e. Hydrogen to Helium to Lithium to Beryllium etc., etc.

It would seem to me that the answer to the above question is no that it doesn't the sequence all depends on its impetus at unfolding and its current element talking into consideration, mass, volume and potentials.

From "The Secret of Light" page 260, "The fulcrum of the wave of musical octaves are mathematically calculated in wave frequencies and volume"

I am assuming that when Walter is talking about wave frequencies he is talking about which element is seemingly projected for this mass at this point in its cycle.

On page 239 he states "The inward radial direction is North - the compressive direction of gravity which multiplies potential by compressing light waves into smaller volumes of greater frequencies. The outward radial direction is South - the expansive direction of radiation which divides potential by expanding light waves into larger volumes of lesser frequencies"

Can anyone show me how to multiply and divide potentials?

Emerald King
Reply Wed 12 Mar, 2008 05:16 pm
@Emerald King,
Hello Everyone,

Last night before I went to bed I focused on the wave, spiral radiation and gravitation and the elements.

I awoke remembering that I had a dream about Dividing and Multiplying but nothing else and I can't figure out if the image of the battery was a part of the dream or if it was me remembering from the Secret of the Light once I awoke and realized what my dream was talking about.

I still need help to figure out the math and application of dividing and multiplying potentials

Thank you
Reply Thu 13 Mar, 2008 12:25 am
@Emerald King,
The like I found was here:

Multiply and Divide Potentials

Hope this is of some assistance.
Reply Wed 31 Dec, 2008 10:08 am
I am more of an observer than a poster, however

There are many aspects of the wave which I believe have yet to actually be identified as connections between Russell teachings and observation. I will try and point out a small portion of my own observations in hope that it may inspire understanding in others. One of the better ways to understand is to examine oscillatory systems. Because in one shape or form all things in this universe will be a result of this cyclic wave motion, the more one learns of the motion, the more that person can attribute to the motion.

For example, Russell states in his earlier works that generation and radiation move away from each other at 180 degrees. This would imply that each motion takes up 1/2 of the complete cycle before repetition. This is accurate, however science has taken an alternate viewpoint that doesn't quite line up. We view the complete wave cycle as being double what Russell saw it. We see expansion, contraction, expansion in the opposite direction (reverse polarity etc) and contraction, for the full AC wave phenomenon used to describe all oscillatory systems. This means that for us, the separation between the two is not 180 degrees, but rather half of that, at 90 degrees.

This fits so harmoniously with what russell teaches that the insights begin pouring in. For example, Russell also states in some of his teachings that there is always both expansion or contraction present, but with preponderance of one over the other depending on where in the cycle you look. The only exceptions he states are at wave peaks. If you were to look at a pendulum and graph the potential energy vs the kinetic energy you would get a graph that is a pictoral representation of that very observation. As the potential increases, the kinetic decreases until kinetic is at zero, and potential is at wave peak, or maximum. Then kinetic begins to increase, and potential decreases, till kinetic is at maximum at dead center of the swing,(a wave peak for kinetic) and potential is at zero. Through this cyclic process you always have both seeming seperate forms of energy interchanging, always present except at peaks, and they move away from one another. This is known in science as a 90 degree phase shift, and is well documented. If we never viewed the entire cycle as including repetition of the first half then we would rightly lable it a 180 degree phase shift. Afteral, the second half of the cycle is a repetition of the first half in reverse polarity, its redundant to include in some ways.

The position of particles, planets or bodies in these wave cycles determines their properties. For example, a planet with great gravity will be generating, It will pull in from within. This looks reletively constant to our senses because hundreds of lifetimes will pass durring this one part of the planets cycle. THe frequency of oscillation of that body is incredibly slow to our senses, and so we do not even recognize it as a changing entity, rather a constant. The point in the wave cycle that the planet lies in determines its potential. This potential interacts with the potential of all other bodies in the universe. Because the net of all potentials must balance and equal zero, everything is in a constant moving dance to maintain its position of peace. But everything is also constantly changing at its own frequency, hence all the planetary and molecular movement we see.

If for example you wanted to interact with the earths gravitational field, you would have to give yourself, or your craft a potential that interacts with our planets in a way to move the two appart. You would need to increase your preponderance of the radiation cycle to counter the generation cycle of the planet. If you did this electrically, you could not use conventional AC power because the frequency would be much higher than that of the planet. your 100 or so hz would be reacting with the .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000001hz (just an example) of the earth. many cycles would pass in your electrical machine, and much less than one would happen in the earth, meaning your machine would push then pull against the earth 50 times per second (100hz) to give you no net gain. In order to get the seperation, you must simulate a constant degenerative or radiative portion of a cycle, hence the use of pulsed DC in almost all reliable ufo and antigravity folklore.

Looking at russells periodic table with understanding of oscillation, potential, and preponderance of generation and degeneration is a great learning exercize. I would suggest jotting down some important features of the different elements, and begin to piece the puzzle together. For example you could note where iron is, write magnetic next to it. Note where all of the nodes are, note that they are complete elements in and of themselves, nobel gasses. then keep on going. Planets too can be clasified. As above, so below.

hope this is of help and may peace find you.
Phoenix phil
Reply Sat 21 Mar, 2009 02:49 pm
@Emerald King,
As I see it, Walter wants to impart the idea that ther is only one element. That's Carbon. It is the only element that sits at the ++4 position. The elements prior to Carbon are increasing in their generative preponderance, ie contracting, while those after Carbon continue the negative half of the cycle towards tenunity at the 92 or so element. Each element contains the seed of the first element, and each element only differs from the other purely by it's position on the wave. Remember too there are waves within waves within waves. Walter's point is, understand the cause and an understanding of the effects will follow. When the earth was kicked out of the Sun I suspect the elements present on the Earth at that time where in the 2nd or 3rd octave. But as the earth cooled and matured, and moved through all the pressure zones to it's current position those 2nd and 3rd octave elements continued their cycle towards ++4 Carbon. They just didn't stop at carbon! Because the the -3 potential of the 5th octave is the start of the overall disintregration cycle, when it all starts again.
Hope this helps...alan

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