What is the most important scientific knowledge that Russell gave us?

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Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2007 06:49 am
What is the most important scientific knowledge that Russell gave us?

His scientific knowledge re-defines science to a deeper degree, paints over the old picture so thoroughly that the old one can not be recognized anymore.

He proved that the so called laws of thermodynamics do not have any place in a two-way universe.

He explained what magnetism, gravity, light, waves, electricity, energy, matter truly are. many times. over and over again. The Universal One, The Secret of Light, Home Study Course, Atomic Suicide.. with his scientific diagrams and paintings, and with his lectures.

Surely even looking, and comprehending what he said about magnets (gravity bars), and how he drew and painted the gravity bar's to look like, should be able to explain things. I believe this knowledge can explain Howard Johnson's double vortices in both poles, Ed Leedskalnin's Magnetic Current and what Leedskalnin explained magnetism to be, and also Sympathetic Vibratory Physics of John Keely fame. And many, many, many, many others.

from: TheMan Who Tapped:
"The universal kaleidoscope was but moving mirror waves of dual light extending from their equilibrium in God from Whom all creating things spring in octave electric waves just as ocean's waves spring from the calm sea.
"Thus knowing the static Light of God, and the two dynamic lights of His thinking, and the electric processes by means of which His thinking is recorded in 'matter' I at once had the key to all the sciences, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy and mechanics, likewise all the underlying principles of creation; of life and the healing principle; of continuity in a universe in which there is no death; of energy which is not what man thinks it to be; and of matter which is not substance as man supposes it to be; and of the forces which act upon it which man has learned how to use somewhat but knows not the why of that which he uses."

The Universal One contains, and is:
"An exact science of the One visible and invisible universe of Mind and the registration of all idea of thinking Mind in light, which is matter and also energy"

Some suggest the most important is the wave. i agree, but from a not-understanding-the-wave portion of the society.

"The secret of man's ability to control his universe lies in the knowledge of the tonal octave wave and its field. Therefore know the wave in all of its simplicity of three-times-three in numbered effect, multiplied to infinite complexity but still not passing beyond the three-times-three of man's easy comprehension." Walter Russell, A New Concept of the Universe, page 56.
Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2007 01:24 pm
Well I wouldn't talk about the scientific knowledege Dr. gave us. But something different. He showed (is showing) us a way how we should work, think or reason. What I mean is, we should meditate and try to get in touch with the One in us. I'm not strong on words so I'll stop here. Just one more thing. I met a person on some other forum, just two days ago. He is from India and has no idea of Dr.'s works (I'm 99%). When he meditates he can see the Universe, and he is making the same drawings W.R. made. It's just a pitty that he is not of an artist. I saw some of his pictures, among them I could find: dual cone geometry, crystalization, some galaxies etc. etc. I don't know how much he is aware of what he is seeing, but he is talking about the "pioneer universe".

"Scientific" and technical books of our time are very different than Dr.'s. He was a scientist of the future. And everyone who wants to countinue his work should do the same. I don't belive you can make a "Russellian device" just by reading the books over and over again.

All the best to you all!

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