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Reply Thu 29 Nov, 2007 12:51 pm
Thus far, from the 1996 pages of USP
( http://web.archive.org/web/20010414041657/http://www.zaz.com/usp/fulcrum.html
its possible to see that they have listed:
Vol. 3, No. 2, December 1994
Vol. 3, No. 4, July 1995

anyone know when the other issues of fulcrum were released? anyone here have the issues? Smile
Reply Thu 29 Nov, 2007 12:55 pm

Chester A. Hatstat, Jr., B.S., Metallurgical Engineering
Dr. Timothy A. Binder, D.C., N.D., U. of S. & P. President

GREETINGS!! This is a quarterly journal focusing on the science of creation revealed to Walter Russell. Dr. Russell, artist/philosopher/ illuminate, spent 35 years and several different written editions describing to scientists and lay persons God's multidimensional creation processes. Known as the Russell Cosmogony, the concepts revealed to Dr. Russell during his 39 day illumination in 1921 show our three dimensional world of light and matter to be an extension of the One substance of God. Matter is light (patterned thoughts) spirally wound into vortices of motion, a recording of God's one idea of creation, and is motion sustained by God's rhythmic Thinking.

FULCRUM is a forum in which scholars and students can interact to exchange insights and perspectives on interpretation and application of the vortexian principles of the Russell Cosmogony. We seek to fan the flames of creative thinking and to stimulate discussion, awareness, and understanding of God's two-way, creating/decreating electric universe. Without such knowledge, humankind will be forever in the entropy loop, in a scientific and philosophic paradigm of a Universe dying a heat death, where energy runs only down hill and everything is going into greater disorder. Our present economic, social, psychological, medical, philosophical, political, and religious systems are patterned on entropic thinking and beliefs.

Our intent is to publish:

1. Questions we, as students, have concerning the Russell Cosmogony and the Russell literature.

2. Answers from students. Answers may or may not be definitive. Clarity may take time to unfold. Sharing insights may or may not lead us to the same conclusions. The idea is to share different perspectives and stimulate/inspire thought on the subject. I expect our thinking and understanding to evolve.

3. Research and articles relevant to the Russell Cosmogony. What insights do you have concerning this Cosmogony? Have any of you puzzled over, played with, built, modeled, or written about your studies of a two-way, invisible/visible physical Universe? What have other scientists or lay persons done in past or present studies? How are chemical, physical, medical, agricultural, biological, economic, etc. systems viewed from this enlightened perspective? We are eager to review for possible publication your treatment of the Russell concepts. I have a special interest in mathematical treatments of the Russell concepts and would love to see some!

4. Current experiments utilizing vortexian principles and mechanics: transmutation, energy production, gravity simulation, etc..

5. Applications of spiral/vortexian/motion-in-opposition mechanics, science, and philosophy.

We are eager for your input and feedback. Our vision of Vortexian science curricula, texts, data banks, and applications in every field of human endeavor is dependent upon the continued desire and action of all of us, desire taken into meditation and action inspired from the point of Stillness within each of us.

Chester A. Hatstat, Jr. editor

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