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Reply Sat 29 Nov, 2008 12:12 pm
This forum, requested by several Members, is reserved for students asking for specific help in reading and writing philosophy, and not for the expression of opinions or Member discussions of a more general nature; the latter are best placed in the other forums. Please try to limit one question to a post wherever possible. Note: Do NOT ask Members for help with homework or test questions.

Inappropriate posts or replies made here will either be moved to more appropriate forums or deleted at the discretion of the Staff.

Examples of the kinds of questions to be asked:


  • Explication of texts. Often a student will have difficulties in understanding certain passages. These may be quoted, with appropriate citation (accepted philosophical practices, including translator), and a specific question asked.

  • Placing a work within the philosopher's opus. Questions may be asked of the importance of a work or a portion of it within the philosopher's output or its relevance to the tradition.

  • Secondary sources. Questions may be asked about relative importance or usefulness of secondary sources, or for research guidance and suggestions (primarily but not limited to on-line sources). DO NOT EXPECT ANYONE TO BE YOUR RESEARCH ASSISTANT.

  • Definitions -Questions may be asked about philosophical uses of words, or their unique use by a particular philosopher or school of thought.


  • Outlines or abstracts of your paper may be presented, and questions asked about its organisation and structure. These outlines should reflect some prior thinking and research.

  • Questions may be submitted about whether a paper's Topic is appropriate to the limitations and scope of the assignment, which should be fully described.

  • Short passages may be presented if the writer is not satisfied with their wording or structure. DO NOT EXPECT ANYONE TO WRITE YOUR PAPER, OR TO COPYREAD IT FOR YOU.

Note: Some questions may go unanswered if no one has the expertise or confidence to provide an adequate and objective answer that will actually help you, or if your question is either not understandable or is unfocused.

As usual, the Staff invite any suggestions or questions about this new forum to help us tailor it to our Member's needs.

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