Philosophy Paper. Need help getting started...

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Reply Tue 29 Dec, 2009 06:45 pm
kennethamy;115407 wrote:

I am amazed that so much has resulted from my joking quibble with your post!

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Emil;115388 wrote:
I did read your post, but I didn't notice the correction from Venusian to Vulcan.

You are being more careless in your reading than you should be. Of course, it is understandable when reading posts online, as any idiot may post something, and it is often not worthwhile to bother with the details of what people say. And in this case, I might add, it is sometimes hardly worthwhile even when the person is right in what is stated.
Reply Tue 29 Dec, 2009 09:26 pm
kennethamy;115407 wrote:

Half-Vulcan/Half-human. A sci-fi variation on the tragic mulatto character.

I wonder how the paper went. :sarcastic:
Reply Tue 29 Dec, 2009 09:51 pm
@Kim Pasha,
Kim Pasha;106500 wrote:
Hello Everyone,

Hope you had wonderful Thanksgiving.

I have a Philosophy paper (point paper) due within few days, and thought I might ask for some ideas/suggestions because I am having trouble getting started. It's a one page point paper, the paper must talk about something along this line:

How do you define a human?, What makes up human?, "What do you value?

What can I possibly write about to answer those questions?

Any help is appreciated. :Glasses:

Let me write this paper for you:

A human is an animal, and a social animal much like the apes from the point of view of a hominid, and much like a God from the point of view of man... Humanity is a classification that should include all people, but if we wish to kill some one, we must trouble to first exclude them from humanity, and after this fashion they are no long living, and are made objects... Objectification, which we do with our labels, and definitons is justification for death or destruction, or removal from rights...

The quality which makes a human is human consciousness... Human consciousness is comprised of the spiritual conception of self, that extends to all things through our forms, ideas, and concepts; which are all the spirit of the thing conceived, and not the thing itself... Now; of these spiritual conceptions there are two sorts, one is value and the other is meaning...In your life, both of these appear as one, but it is in conceiving of the physical world, the world of sense, that value is used, because there, numbers are used to conceive of reality as a value...Of infinite reality, which is the world which troubles us with demons, we cannot know, nor accuratly conceive of the reality... We work back from the person to prove all meaning...That is: We consider forms like liberty, or justice, or virtue as essential to the welfare of mankind our of experience and understanding; but none of these forms can be show in their reality, purified, as it were, as things in themselves... So; we conceive of all these moral forms, and even our lives as spiritual values of meaning, or just as spiritual meaning...We talk about human values, societal values and the like, but the proper word is not value, but meaning because the reality they reference has no being, and value denotes a certain being...And this, the bulk of our lives, conceived of as a spiritual form is continually wrought by our need to define our spiritual forms in such a way that we can capture them, but since there is no being to the meanings we seek, we are ever at odds with one another over each ones definiton...In the case of physical science objectivity is the goal, and with moral science, philosophy, such as it is, subjectivity is as close as we get to the objective...Hope this helps..

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