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Reply Mon 7 Dec, 2009 11:19 am
I recently was reading an article on the book "Introduction to Metaphysics" by Heidegger and i came across two question by someone asking about the book and it sparked my interest because i too had somewhat of the same questions. It has been some years since i last read the book and i was hoping someone could inform me upon an answer too these question

What are Heidegger's account and definition of truth. In what way does it enable one to discuss existential questions?


What are the false views of Spirit and how do they distort? What is the time definition of spirit for Heidegger in his book Introduction of Metaphysics.

I simply cannot just pick the book up and flip to the pages where they might be so i would hopefully see to it that one of you might inform me more upon these questions.
Reply Mon 7 Dec, 2009 01:04 pm
In response to question one, you may find this link on aletheia helpful;

Martin Heidegger on the History of Metaphysics as Ontotheologyspecific questions. So it might be wise for him/her to adjust the phrasing of the question just a bit so any problems that may arise are circumstantial. I'm sure you don't want that other person to get into trouble or anything like that, so for their own benefit, it might be best to change it around if you have not already done so.

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