Whats the best way to rule a country?

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Reply Mon 29 Dec, 2008 10:02 pm
I think it should be how it is now. but what makes it good is we always have people arguing so no one people or person takes control. We can't even have an absolute democracy. It would be ruled by a group of humans. humans get greedy and are imperfect. A government would only work with one ruler or rulers if the ruleer was god because he knows completly what is right and is perfect and not human.
Reply Mon 29 Dec, 2008 10:17 pm
@Henrik phil,
Party Democracy is as corrupt as you can get it.
The legal system underpins the corruption.
If people could vote for particular issues online, then that could have some merit, but somebody still has to decide what gets voted for, and what the rules of engagement are, so in a society that is illiterate as it currently is, it probably would do more harm than good in the short term at least.

But a secret ballot is a recipe for corruption,
and the big parties bought by big money and molded by corrupted law ensure that embezzled money and corruption rule, and that individual issues will be sanitized by mob rule.

Republicanism is a caste system ruled by deceit, as Plato admits in his blueprint for 'The Republic'. His 'philosopher kings' have turned out to be greedy mindless oligarchs. The opposite of what he had in mind.

Religion overcomes ego, and a monarchy embeds responsibility in an indivudal rather than a party of faceless clones that use their facelessness to avoid responsibility for their actions. As Italy, the GOP, Brown's Labour, the ANC and the NATs in South Africa all demonstrate, elections are nothing more than 'loot the state coffers before you get voted out'. If you use the looted cash to bribe and corrupt the legal system, you can rig the media and be voted in for a few more rounds of looting before the masses vote you out. Your corrupt legal system will prevent you from being prosecuted for your war-crimes, and you can walk off to hell with a golden handshake.

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