Is it fair that a non-Christian may not know God?

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Reply Thu 22 Oct, 2009 02:08 pm
manfred;99284 wrote:
I was responding to the origional topic,before someone changed it,i really wasn't trying to rude.

No one said you were rude. The original topic has not changed. Your response was to an inaccurate title, not the thread topic. See first post for the actual thread topic, (also quoted above).
Reply Thu 22 Oct, 2009 03:02 pm
What concerns some people is the thought that

B) God is fallible


D) God has a plan

could both be true.
Reply Thu 22 Oct, 2009 06:19 pm
@Johnny Fresh,
Johnny Fresh;99086 wrote:
I'll start by saying that i do believe and god and consider myself a Christian.

To be a Christian is what, in it's entirety?

Johnny Fresh;99086 wrote:
As a Christian i have been taught that god is all knowing.

All knowing? Compared to who? Us? Hell, most can't even read a road map, much less figure out god?

Johnny Fresh;99086 wrote:
If this is true then is it fair for god to have created people knowing that they will never know him.......

There's plenty to know. Just look around at everything............but us, in that nature that surrounds us. It doesn't seem to be having a problem. As a matter of a fact, it doesn't "question" god and more or less puts it's trust in god. After all he is the designer, huh? Got to be a reason for that.

Johnny Fresh;99086 wrote:
......and will eventually be damned for eternity. or for that matter is it fair that he has created people knowing that they will never hear the word of Christ.

Damned for eternity? You mean burn in hell? Is that what you mean? Perhaps if you were more specific? Do you think god actually has a "dictionary"? Define "Hell". Do you have a clue? No one seems to know exactly. Why? Hell, we don't even know what good is, much less bad! First to be good, we have to come to some common sense as to what bad is. Right? It seems each and every one of us has our own opinion on that one. One man's trash is another man's treasure and visa versa. It's a wonder we don't get dizzy going around in all the circles we have created for ourselves. It's enough to make you go mad. Hey....................? Hmmm?

You would think this "god person", this omnipotent, all knowing, supreme entity would know better, huh? Could he/it/she/them/ create anything flawed? Not likely. So who is responsible for our "flaws"? Hey, we need a 'fall guy'. That's what a perfect creation would do, huh! Blame it on someone else. That's the ticket. Let's think about that a minute. Well, we've had a little over 4000 years to do that and where are we? Still digging holes in the ground and burying our troubles and our heads. That makes for a hell of an existence, doesn't it? Hmmm? Perhaps hell is not as far away as it seems.

It seems that's when we sit up and take notice when all hell breaks loose. Naw, we can justify that too and blame it also on someone else. We're pretty good at that. And you're worried about going "to" hell? You know that bird in the hand, he just crapped all over you. But we are used to that too, huh? It amazing what we can get used to. The devil could come up an slap you in the chops and there would be many who would say; "thanks, I needed that", as that is the only sense of feeling one has: pain.

Johnny Fresh;99086 wrote:

I just did. It's like pissing into the wind, as one has suggested that is what he likes to do. See what I mean. It truly does get tiring. But we do like to argue don't we. It gives us something to do. Hell, if it weren't for that, just how bored do you think we would become? Is that living? You tell me?

If we have no idea of what heaven or hell is, how are we going to know the difference? Yet, in all of nature, there is a serenity created by that same god and we are too blind to see it. Yeah, I know the devil is in the details. Just how detailed is it? Seems like we have created one hell of a mess for ourselves. Now who do you think is going to clean that up? Out of the mouths of babes? Hmm? Just look at what we are doing to them before they even have a chance to open their mouths. Oh, I forgot we can justify that too. It is amazing just how much hell we can put up with. If I were an infant in the womb, you'd have to come in and drag me out. Perhaps euthanasia is not such a bad deal after all. Better than a living hell, and we brought it all on ourselves. Fancy that. Nope, the devil made us do it. That sounds better. Jeez! Uh oh, I gotta watch that? Ha! One might think I was a Christian. Just who was that guy? :perplexed:


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