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Didymos Thomas
Reply Sat 13 Jun, 2009 03:20 am
Eudaimon;68528 wrote:
:bigsmile: It seems to me there is difference, though it is very difficult to catch it. Say, practice deals not exactly with what leads to happiness but with some side things. Surely there is much difference between knowing what is what and prayer, or meditation (in the Eastern sense) or sexual practice of Daoists and Tantrists.

A 'practice' is simply doing something. There are many varieties of practice, many spiritual practices, and many secular practices. When I play my drum set I am practicing drums.

If no practice leads to happiness, then there cannot be anything we can do to achieve happiness. And if there is nothing we can do to achieve happiness, then we cannot be happy.

I'm not trying to say that any particular practice leads to happiness, only that some sort of practice is required.

Eudaimon;68528 wrote:
The more conversations with "Christians" I'm recalling, the more I agree with Dave. This is mere a statistics: I have NEVER seen a Christian who is really committed to non-resistance. Everyone used some ruses so as to justify violence, yet some were against sex. This proves only that superficial differences can never reflect inner state and it is an idle thing to seek a teacher.

Personal experience is not statistics.

A Christian really committed to non-resistance? I've never seen one, either. But I am aware of many who were, and are, really committed to non-violent resistance. Martin L. King, Jr., Thomas Merton, ect.

Eudaimon;68528 wrote:
Is it O.K. to lie?

Typically, no. Why do you ask?

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