What truth is.

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Reply Wed 2 Jun, 2010 09:03 am
@Yogi DMT,
Hey, Yogi DMT, dig the handle and avatar (not a huge Tool fan, but can appreciate the stab of white light right through the pineal gland)! The truth seems to be a bit shakier after you've been blasted into the hyperdimensional realm of the insectoid alien, machine elfen, robot clowning, pot-head pixies, doesn't it?
Reply Wed 2 Jun, 2010 01:00 pm
HexHammer;172078 wrote:
Have you been in war youself? Have you read any of the propaganda for Gulf Wars, Vietnam ..etc? Propaganda are full of deception and lies which soldiers are brainwashed with.

True enough Hex.. It is remarkable that people with little freedom in their own lands will die for it in another, or that people without justice will share what they have with neighbors... The less people have of the qualities they need, the more they must be inspired by propaganda and pumped up with lies to do the dirty work they do for all the rich who sit back on their butts doing nothing... The problem for such countries is that the culture of corruption has already spread... To divide rich from poor people must be given ideologies, and myths, which do not feed them or make them strong... So the meaning goes out of a society, the way freedom and justice for all has become an empty phrase in this land... At some point, the soldiers and the citizens realize that they are willing to kill for something they no longer possess, but they are not willing to die for it...

It is like our drones we have over the heads of our enemies, that seek to cut off the heads of every serpent raised to strike us, and they are all controlled from some cube farm in Maryland by people wearing clean clothes, who never once face death, who at the end of their shifts go home to their families as though nothing even happened, and it did not... It is a crime to kill without the threat of death, but for what would we die... We do not want to die, and the thought fills us with dread... If we believe in God we realize the magnitude of our crime, and if we do not believe in God we realize we are dying for nothing, to have nothing, to know no meaning after death, to give up all for nothing except the benefit of a few..
Reply Wed 18 Aug, 2010 01:40 pm
@Night Ripper,
Night Ripper wrote:

The concept of "truth" is a relationship. It is similar to the concept of "above" in that respect. Long before humans existed, and therefore before there were any concepts at all, there were still things above other things "out there" in the world, the mountain above the valley, the sky above the ocean, and the clouds above the ground. Each of these things above other things is an instance of the concept "above". These instances are what first prompted our ancestors to abstract away the concept of "above". Several different examples of things above other things were categorized and filtered down to their core "above"-ness.

In the same way that there were things already above other things before the concept of "above" existed, so too were there propositions that were true (or false) before the concept of "truth" existed. It's these instances that provided examples from which to abstract away the concept of "truth". The proposition "it is raining" when it is raining, the proposition "water is wet" and the proposition "all bachelors are unmarried men" are each instances of truth and from them we can abstract away the concept of the relationship they each share in common.

Truth is that relationship, a relationship between a proposition and actuality. When a proposition is true it reflects the way things are, it captures something about the world or about our conventions.

but when one tries to climb the mountain there lies the truth

inotherwords the mountain evolves from a concept ( a thought ) to a physical real truth outside thought

hence a truth regardless of thought

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