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Reply Fri 12 Mar, 2010 12:00 pm
I have been posting on another forum so this is just copy/paste

Since I was about 15 (14 years ago)I have been turning a theory over in my head surrounding the symbols and meanings for positive, negative, and neutral. I never take my studies too in depth mostly from the enormity of the possibilities, and the conclusions I'll come to will be through the influence of how I think things should be and not always socially accepted in topic. To do any theory you have to have a basic simple and easy to remember foundation to build the rest of your ideas from, you would be essentially going back to the drawing board with no board waiting for you. Like in building you have to add and take away things to keep the structure functioning and problem free. In our minds this is how this is "basically" done giving good thoughts a + signature and bad thoughts a - signature. the neutral would be the essential drawing board a blank screen 0. if you notice even in nature the - is more grounded in appearance symbolically speaking and the + is providing a range of direction. the reason I mention not delving too deep is because a + thought to you might end up a - thought when compared to the thoughts of everyone throughout time. even getting this far into it is more then i want to go mostly because its not about whats right and whats wrong, its about what we can come up with in the middle to make the struggle easier. Trying to pick a side on more over less is a losing battle, whereas I don't feel a person over eternity would persist in being a negative person, It's a matter of convincing the person the thoughts that lead their life is hurting them more than helping them, thus taking away and adding dealing with both forces. So when I started getting into symbols to basically just see if there were any others, I noticed it fit really well with the eternity symbol left side being - and spinning to the left with + on the right spinning to the right, and coming to focus at the 0 in the center. This connection really sent my mind racing, it literally felt like a nuclear bomb went off in my head..... seriously. This bomb of possibilities of symbols shapes and connections was even frighteningly overwhelming at times, I'm so glad my wife can handle a crazy husband cause I didn't shut up.

I love history and figuring out the way things work, and I have noticed in many religions the things revolving around + acts are clockwise spinning to the right, like the prayer wheels you spin. I've also applied this to black and white with grey being neutral, and have noticed this separation of perception in middle eastern religions with men wearing white and women wearing black. I actually found this application to be more connected to religions still active today, but I see this as someone trying to get rid of their shadow in fear of what it might do to them, not having anything stable in-between the burning light and frightening dark to hold onto. I know every religion wants the best for their people same as politics but they are always leaving another side out saying what these large number of people feel and believe isn't right make it go away and leave them without a path they can walk down. The greatest gift I feel we have received is the ability to essentially live an entire situation in our heads before we act it out. imagination is endless boundless and will take you any direction you want to go.

As all this was going i started remembering some letters I combined when i was 15 and first starting this theory. these letters were "i am" get a piecer of paper and pencil and write the capitol A upside down with the lower case m on top of it. it makes a heart and if you put a lower case I between them it makes a multilayer-ed heart, the dot would be the point of perception. Now i have actually seen this shape on Egyptian hieroglyphics. I found a few more fun things like this and i started noticing a pattern in which letters were flipped and which weren't, and not only flipped but turned to the right or left as well. To start lets examine the shape "m" not being capitol and in the context of the heart it could look like two people lying down while looking at them head on. This would imply a emotion that happens outside of our conscious control or even something spiritual, but things in this category would be turned to the right. so write down the m on its side being turned to the right. Now we have the top of our heart and the beginning of our journey to what we need. go ahead and write the "i" normal but touching the "m" so while your writing it gives the example of finding a point and working your way to the bottom of it. so when faced with this dilemma of love and a need to satisfy the opposites needs, you start seeing all the anarchy going on around you and now you have to find a way to get out of it. so to build thought in our imaginations would turn a symbol to the left this symbol being "A" for anarchy. Now write this down being turned to the left opposite the "m" completing the heart shape. Now we have the full picture of what we want and who we want it with now we just need how to get it done. coming to this conclusion would turn this symbol as a whole to the left being a new build of thought. Something trivial like how to tie your shoes or something physical like a house is accepted by mans thoughts and reinforced into the earth, this would be the initial reason were here being gravity pulling down (feet firmly on the ground, or balance) and hence the reason for the "i" being just normal. Now we have our full heart with everything where we want it.

well thats perty much it I hope I didn't make anyone too crazy . I got allot of notes on the stuff I've been working on and I'm sure I'll be getting it out.
please keep in mind this is a raw idea and the direction you turn something and the reason why may be for any various reason. For example to the right originaly i considered the direction for birth, being our gift from god that i call the spark of life, but not something we create just have done to start the process. Where as i can try to find the source of the other sides my base starts on the left being imagination and the coincidences persist for me.
I was reading some of the posts on here and noticed someone had a pic of the upsidedown V on their post with a hand holding either side. The reason i had to say something was i have leaned towards this symbol demonstrating the path of two people comming to a point (or conclusion) on equal terms. just thought it was interesting...
I feel the most prominant symbol pertaining to us would be the "T". Basic abreviation i think would stand for truth or obvious one rather. After alot of self debate i concluded it most resembles a path leading to a horizen, or a result in our use. even upsidedown it would show how you can make an unstable object stand up given it has the right foundation. I enjoyed these thoughts the most, i think they gave me a peace of mind i wasn't expecting.
perhaps one of the most influencial combinations i was looking at was GOD. If you write a really big G and put the O in the space on the right with a little D off of that it resembles a planetary path with a single moon. again I try not to take too much weight in these since they are just coincidence, but i cant help but being reminded of struggle with even the mere fact the earth was round during the time of symbology. another strange combine is N and Z when overlayed make a hourglass shape. Im not sure what the Z and N might mean.
sammy phil
Reply Fri 12 Mar, 2010 02:48 pm
@sammy phil,
i just came up with this and feel it fits the directions better. left would be what we question or think about, right would be what we know for fact, down would be what we can see in reality, and up would be what we see for real but is unseen.
Reply Fri 12 Mar, 2010 03:08 pm
@sammy phil,
sammy wrote:

and up would be what we see for real but is unseen.

What? Please explain.
sammy phil
Reply Fri 12 Mar, 2010 03:10 pm
i think this would mostly be represented by dreams, something we see but you cant tell anyone to look and see.
sammy phil
Reply Fri 12 Mar, 2010 11:54 pm
@sammy phil,
I've been considering the possibilities of visions in the equation. if you come up with a thought(left) that you know is true(right) and have also physicaly seen it's association (being how it applied to the thought) (down) your focus would be forced up being the only direction left. residing on a similair but new thought.
sammy phil
Reply Sat 13 Mar, 2010 08:21 am
@sammy phil,
if anarchy is random acts without purpose, what is random acts with purpose? anti-anarchy? i kind of feel like were forced into the randomness regardless of our over all purpose. wich only leaves you with the question did you want it to have purpose?

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we've been discussing truths and beliefs in the "defining truth" thread and i came to the conclusion belief's best represent "0 or neutral" in the diagram. being the focus of our thought and the root of our actions.
jack phil
Reply Sat 13 Mar, 2010 11:12 pm
@sammy phil,
See: multi-value logics, such a ternary system.
sammy phil
Reply Sun 14 Mar, 2010 12:59 pm
@sammy phil,
i like it alot thanks Smile

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