Is it rational to believe this is your only life?

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Reply Tue 18 Aug, 2009 06:53 pm
jeeprs;83884 wrote:

To me, it seems absurd to believe that this identity commenced at the moment of birth, or some time subsequently, when the personality began to form and ideas began to take shape. This body and the personality are both outcomes of processes that began...well, when, exactlly?

"What did your face look like before your parents were born?"

It was the late Carl Sagan who was fond of saying, "We are all made of star stuff."

YouTube - Carl Sagan's Cosmos - Star Stuff
Reply Tue 18 Aug, 2009 10:13 pm
It was the late Carl Sagan who was fond of saying, "We are all made of star stuff."

Yeah if there ever was a thing worth worshiping, it would be the sun. Go figure, this is what the Egyptians were trying to tell us all along but the early Christians had to plagiarize and distort their meaning.

Without the sun, how long would we last? Our very bodies and the iron in our blood was derived by processes of chemistry and physics. Without the stars to build the heavier elements, nothing we know of would exist as it does today. Just imagine that the atoms that make up your body were all once inside a star.
Reply Tue 18 Aug, 2009 10:21 pm
Yeah actually reading the initial post in this thread again - I did misinterpret it somewhat. Nevertheless rebirth is an interesting question.
Reply Thu 20 Aug, 2009 05:15 pm
The actual point that the author of this thread is trying open up is coincidentally the exact reasoning I use to give credibility to reincarnation.

What can happen once can be reasonably expected to happen again, or at least have the possibility of doing so whatever the odds.

With that reasoning I conclude that if a person can be born into this reality once, than it should be logical that they have probably been born in the past as well and will certainly be born again in the future.

If it can happen once, why not again, and why not in the past?
Greg phil
Reply Sun 30 Aug, 2009 02:59 pm
etcetcetc00;59990 wrote:
My argument is very simple, and based on no currently established forms of religion of which I am aware.

Anyone who contends that once their life is over, they'll never be anything more is attempting to limit the capabilities of the Universe.

Regardless of what happened to bring the Universe and all of us into existence, it happened, and is certainly possible. Is it rational to assume it couldn't happen again?

Well there may well be new worlds formed like ours with - maybe - intelligent, social, creative, conscious animals. But even if a world physically identical to ours was formed and panned out just like this. The object identified as "Gregory Fenn" in that world WILL NOT be me. It will be at best something like me. Once the spacio/temporal continuity of MY existence is broken.. that's it, game over. (cheerfull I know) Sad

but hang on a sec... let me think deeper for moment. The person of yesterday, today and tommorow are different and distinct and any notion of a 'self' is a psychological creation, not an actual object. The only sense in which the Greg of yesterday and today are the same person is by (IMHO) value judgements that this brain (and yesterday's and hopefully tommorow's) forms to judge that this body and these memories etc should be identified as properties of Gregory Fenn.
Now IF another world in the future (sort of...) is formed with something just like me, who (SOMEHOW) formed value judgements to identify itself as the "reincarnation" of Gregory Fenn ... then hypothetically, by my theory of identity, maybe, I could live again. maybe.
But I doubt very much that is naturally possible. It could of course be possible if a deity consciousness made it happen but I don't believe in any such being.

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