properties of 'nothing'

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Reply Wed 2 Jun, 2010 03:44 pm
Humchuckninny;168125 wrote:
Nothing we can experience has no properties.
I didnt understand this.

I think nothing is just a number associated with the concept of everything, excluding empty space to make it applicable. Just like numbers, nothing does not have any physical manifestation in reality, yet we can see it in reality.

I will try exemplify using a simulated reality. Lets imagine a 10X10 grid divided vertically on two halves, left half is called A, right half is called B. There are 4 possible things that may occupy each tile: Iron, Bronze, Carbon, and Empty space.

If someone tells me there is 0 on A, I know that one of those four elements is absent on A. It may be Iron, Bronze, Carbon, and even Empty space. (because one may mean: 0 Empty spaces)

If someone tells me there are no metals on A, I know that none of it tiles contain Iron or Bronze, they may only contain Carbon or Empty space.

If someone tells me there is nothing on A... that must mean there is only Empty space on A. Empty space is such an important element that we have a word to indicate then its the only element present.

Nothing on A could not mean any other thing, because the logic of this universe states all tiles must be occupied by one of the four elements.

I hope this isnt too confusing =) What do you think of this view on the matter?

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