Is mathematics limited to 3D perception?

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Reply Tue 12 Aug, 2008 09:29 pm
Alright, you already read the question above.

I feel the need to question whether mathematics has limits. I mean do fractals seems possible in a 4D spatial system?

Can we deduct and synthesize coherently in a 4D system.

Can we have 3 sides to an equation? By remaining logical, can we develop a system that can attain such a system?

See, I think we'd rely upon a superposition state for 4D math so what is non linear systematically becomes linear.

Any thoughts? If we can establish that mathematics is not limited to 3D perception then (which I'm sure is true) what form do these systems take?
Reply Tue 12 Aug, 2008 09:59 pm
n-dimensional space - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vector Spaces

(linear algebra deals with n-dimentional space, look for some torrents of linear algebra books)

problem solved. We have the mathematical framework for n-dimensional space and everything can be translated into this framework if it need be.
Reply Tue 12 Aug, 2008 10:04 pm
Awe but thats no fun. I was hoping for some elaborate representation of a shift in non linear dynamics to added dimensions. Oh well. I guess I'll research and come up with one myself. It'll be only too fun.

Lol, this deviates from truth in so many ways.

Edit: And as I read into n dimensional stuff I find its Euclidean cheap stuff.:nonooo:

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