Is Death the End?

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Reply Sun 30 May, 2010 06:57 pm
I have a lot of respect for the Soto zen philosophy, although I have limited contact with teaching schools. I did stay at the San Francisco Zen Centre overnight last October and sat Zazen with them.

The key message of the Shobogenzo is that sitting zazen IS enlightenment - not a means to and end, but the end itself.

The best book on Dogen from a philosophical perspective I have read is To Meet the Real Dragon by Gudo Nishijima.
Neil D
Reply Sun 30 May, 2010 08:35 pm
Krumple;170692 wrote:
Biochemical process. The I just believes itself to be a substantial thing. But it is a mistake because cognition has this as a side effect.

So you are aware of scientific data that proves that the conscious awareness "emerges" as a result of biochemical processes? Or is that merely your opinion?

Conversely, The conscious awareness could be a discrete entity, and cognition could be a side effect of that.

Krumple;170692 wrote:

No, because they way in which you think you exist now requires huge amounts of energy. You think this energy is just going to magically be there in the future when you don't have a body?

The "I" could perish with the body, and enter a state of non-existence for a time, and then be re-born again going through the same process that allows me to be here right now.

Why does the process "always" have to create different persons? Why must it be ruled an impossibility, that given enough time. The same conditions that arose to make me what I am now. Could arise again.

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