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Reply Tue 16 Feb, 2010 01:42 am
For the last few years, i have been more and more thinking about our existence and our universe as a whole, and the concept of religion and an afterlife. Tonight i spent a few hours writing everything that came to mind. I would love if you guys would read this and tell me if anyone understands what I'm trying to say. I do not fully believe all of what i wrote yet, but it is something i am beginning to believe more and more of it. please dont take the religious overtones too seriously, I am a Catholic and am doing spiritual searching right now, so the religious overtones are natural to be included. i copied down whatever came to mind:

All is connected. All is together. All energy between every molecule is part of a whole. We, as humans, are inherently part of this whole, where every energy we put forth and every positive or negative intention or energy we have always becomes one with the whole. This whole can kind of be looked at as the universe that we live in. When we create negative energies to any other molecules, it becomes part of the whole. When we die, our essence, soul and life become one with the whole.
In every way is every interaction between life forces, life forms, molecules, subatomic particles, and all physical forces of the universe always connected. Our negative and positive energies may affect our lives as we live them in every aspect, as these energies are connected with all other energy, which is negatively affected by negative energies. This must have been set forth by a Creator, who created our universe. Maybe the literal physical energies between molecules are part of the Creator, and as we apply negative energies to parts of the Creator, negative effects are felt. As far as humans, and the fact that as far as we know we are the only creatures with complete free will, there has to be a reason for us to be here. This is because he loves us. As everything is connected, when we love and feel ultimate bliss the Creator shares in it. The Creator set the universe in action because he wanted us to be able to be with Him and experience the most amazing thing every possible-life. Now, with free will comes literally a decision to do good or bad (or send negative or positive energies) to all other energy around us (humans, animals, environment, ourselves). This decision was given to us to determine our final outcome, or literally what happens to us when life forces no longer are present in us. Once life forces are no longer a part of us, our molecules are not destroyed, they simply have changed form. Perhaps those who live a extremely/almost completely pure positive life in every aspect may join the Creator immediately, or go to Heaven. The rest of humans will become one with the whole, where their body will decay, but the molecules that once made up our bodies will never be destroyed. As a whole, all energies sent between life forces will be a part of all, where all will experience the negative and positive energies felt by life forces. This is purgatory, where we must experience and remorse all the negative energies which caused negative stress on the Creator's creation. But, at the end of time, or the end of our universe, all will be one with the Creator.
Humans are wired how the Creator intended, which is to live peacefully among the Earth and other humans. Taking only what is needed to support life, and nothing else. (as a sidenote, this means living our lives literally only eating food and loving other people, with zero possessions). Many natural human tendancies seem to support this. It is natural for humans to have religions, because we should celebrate our existence, our beautiful world, our Creator, everything that we experience. The most pure, happy emotions are pure loving emotions. Most religions believe in some sort of an afterlife. We are wired to believe this because it is true. However, when any negative energy is set forth by a human towards others, it corrupts the balance of life. When religion is used for any other purpose rather than celebrating our existence, and living in complete harmony with everybody, it soon may have very negative effects on humans.
The Creator gave us the wiring and planet to live in harmony with Him and all his creation. Animals/plants also have life, so they are a strong energy and part of the whole. Being a life force, they play an important part of the whole, and our interaction with all other life, especially animals, is important. Unnatural forces applied to other life forces is extremely harmful, as all life shares a very important connection with Creator. We are not meant to use energy in harmful ways, such as in bombs, as that results in harmful negative effects done to our world. Our societies are literally ruining the world in front of us. When people begin to value unimportant material things and negative values, it creates negative life experiences for us because people are focusing on unimportant things rather than their families and the other truly important things. Societies corrupt humans so badly that many would not wish to be with their family, whereas if everybody embraced each other and our world as it should be, the world would be a much better place to live in.
Pepijn Sweep
Reply Tue 16 Feb, 2010 02:20 am
I am a Humanist myself. Also still getting inspriration from the religions. I just don't like most religions because they're so invasive on other religions. Hope you find something on the Forum.

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