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Reply Sat 21 Mar, 2009 05:13 pm
All the world knows is dualism of duality...



There is a god
There is no god

There is a god that is everythinig and know everything
There is a god that is not everything and not know's everything

I can go on and on about thoughts that people have of what there "god" is and can do, yet the fact remain's, that there thoughts remain as aspects of dualism of duality of oppisite reality.

So all these things are still within the complex of dualism of duality of this reality, even my word's are, for there is no other way for me to speak to another but my self without doing so.

If all thought within this reality is bound by such limitation's, WHAT is outside this reality bound by such?

Since "what" is still an aspect of this reality's theme, so it seem's the only thing that is possable is to say that it is TRULY THE ONLY EXISTING THOUGHT THAT CAN NEVER BE DEFINED as anything other than its undefinable (If you think there is another thought that cant be defined other than defining it as underfinable, please post it so I can logicaly define other than underfinable.)

(Hmmm would whats out side this reality bound by such just be the oppisite of this reality?:DWhat a great trip huh)

**note all these words are merely a configuration that I had stumbled across on my daily task of configuring lines seemly infinitly...
Reply Sun 22 Mar, 2009 01:41 pm
Here's what I keep thinking about this subject--

Up and down...right and left...good and evil...light and dark...war and peace...love and hate...fulfillment and want...these dualisms are mutually self-supporting, like the faces of a coin. You literally can't have one without the other, and to have one without the other--without just the corporeal existence of the other, but without idea the idea of the other--would be to exist in a state beyond these dualisms: beyond war and peace, beyond good and evil, beyond fulfillment and want.

Of course, whether when we move beyond these dualities we move beyond them in the positive direction--towards having necessary fulfillment, universal ethics, peace, desire for and love of knowledge--or the negative direction--towards famine and want, chaos and anarchy, war, and general ignorance--is entirely up to us.

N.B. In this way, the Orwell's Newspeak in 1984 was also an attempt to move beyond dualities by moving beyond the expression of dualities.
N.B.2. Since the two members of a given duality are mutually self-supportive (think cantilever), it will be in the space between the dualities where the unity's to be found. The duality of the two sides of the coin entails, as a corollary, the existence of the unity of the coin.
N.B.3. This view is actually quite neutral. Where we go in the world depends on the choices we make getting there. If we make the right choices, we can have a stellar future; the wrong ones, a hellish one. The direction the reader thinks we're going towards is a litmus test of the reader's optimism or pessimism--but that's just a necessarily contingency for allowing the freedom of choice.
Reply Tue 24 Mar, 2009 03:46 am
Good post, and a very good insight!

The practise of Buddhist insight meditation (vipassana) has relevance to this topic, specifically about the topic of the duality of subject and object which in many respects is the 'root duality'.

In insight meditation, the practitioner is wordlessly aware of the arising and ceasing of all sensations, perceptions, thought-formations, and the like.

In being simply aware of the sensations, perceptions, etc, the meditation practitioner is going beyond subjectivity. One begins to see these factors which give rise to individual consciousness as they are, which is, as phenomena. Hence it is said that 'beings are entangled in phenomena' although this is a very hard thing to see (hence the requirement for practise).

Normally one is caught up with these phenomena, involuntarily identifying them as 'mine or not-mine', 'pleasant and unpleasant' and so on, as a result of attachment and aversion. This gives rise to many further discriminations between apparently opposite pairs, as your post indicates, and is the means by which conditioned conscious awareness operates in the realm of ordinary perception.

In other words, this is normal life.

On this basis, people proliferate a whole lot of concepts - God and not-God, Life and Death, Science and Religion, Right and Wrong, and so on ad infinitum. This is called the process of prapanca, or conceptual proliferation. You can waste an awful lot of time on it, and it prevents you from seeing how things actually are.

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