The PSYCHOLOGY of Terrorism

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Reply Sun 25 Apr, 2010 04:22 pm
Please tell me if this is not the correct forum to post it in. Thanks

PSYCHOLOGY NOT PHILOSOPHY OF TERRORISM. As in what happens in your head.

Ok. When you see like 10 big secret agents that are covering up or securing a person, normally you are brainwashed enough not to intervene, however, if you do intervene and go near the secret agents they will step up and not allow you to be there, nor answer your questions.

Spectators will think that you are crazy for going there, but too politically correct to think about the fact that what the secret agents are doing is not right.

Now, a terrorist is the guy who has a gun and many friends with guns that shoot all the agents and capture the main guy, or reveal to the world that some people(Tupac, MJ) are not actually dead but completely alive.

Those videos where you see MJ or Tupac alive are all completely real. But since you are taught to believe that he is dead subconsciously, you will just end up thinking in the end that he really died and these videos are fake. The people who film these videos are also the same agents.

Shooting agents is good, but thats when they send out the National Guard or the Police, FBI, SWAT, and the Army. It's pretty much a monarchy, you cant alter or abolish it.

<ins>The Matrix</ins> was released as "fiction", because fiction in your head means that it can NEVER exist, ever, ever, ever, however, these agents in the matrix and the matrix itself is very real.

But you can still get a good sized Army like castro did and become the terrorist that reveals the truth about the world or the situation. You can do the fictional thing I wrote above.

To stop the truth, there are courthouses and jails, there are somethings you can say or protest and not say or protest.

When you reveal the truth, you are "legally" thrown in jail or have your career ruined for copyrighting(as in telling the truth about them or becoming one of them).

Remember, I did not say this is happening, only that this the Psychological effect of Terrorism.

I am really politically correct today.
Reply Thu 29 Apr, 2010 12:09 pm
Uhmmmm..yes? ..I'm afraid I don't see any question, but merely a statemen.
Reply Thu 29 Apr, 2010 03:16 pm
Wow -- count all the "think steps" in your OP. Have you ever been around a person who just spontaneously, reflexively "acts rightly" regardless of the situation? Now, I admit that I, too, throw in too many "think steps" to the point of becoming paralyzed and doing nothing, but how I envy and admire those rare "reflexive ethical doers".
Reply Mon 3 May, 2010 10:43 pm
Terrorists are people who go to extreme measures to prove theyre point like some iraqian terrorists who thought that it was theyre duty to kill americans because they killed some iraqians but theyre only copying what the americans did so it doesnt make them any better.:bigsmile:
Reply Tue 4 May, 2010 12:03 am
dave2770;156535 wrote:
Shooting agents is good

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