Hello everybody.

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Reply Sun 6 Apr, 2008 01:18 pm
Dear All,
My name is Daniel Buddle and I'm from Cambridge, UK. I am currently studying creative music and audio music technology at Ruskin and have a keen interest in music and philosophy which was seeded in aesthetics.
Once I started university I was challenged to compose 'outside my comfort zone' soon I was perplexed by the difficulty I had explaining what a 'good' song was. Well I was off, I bought a book called 'The Philosophy of Art', was introduced to Immanuel Kant and have had a keen passion ever since.
Hope your all well and don't mind this informal letter approuch for my first post- I always find these obligatory introductions awkard and idealess... any critique?
See you on the boards.
Reply Mon 7 Apr, 2008 02:09 am
@de budding,
Welcome Dan and thank you for taking a moment to introduce yourself. I know it feels awkward sometimes but it's kind of a warm up prior to opening new threads and gives others an opportunity to sort of meet you.

We hope you enjoy the forums and look forward to you adding your own personal contribution to the already diverse conversation. Enjoy the forums!
Reply Mon 7 Apr, 2008 06:06 am
@de budding,
hey man im new too. this place is cool. hope to hear from you
peace love and equinimity
alex aka vajrasattva

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