Emotional Desertion

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Reply Mon 31 May, 2010 05:53 pm
prothero;171400 wrote:
And there was Hume with "reason is the slave of passion". For Hume could find no where to ground ethics except in "passion" emotion.Smile

What exactly has to be grounded? I mean, I can't say I strictly agree or abide by any ethical system per se, whether it be religious or not, but I can still tell when something is wrong. Don't you think even if there were no religions to guide us, we could still tell right from wrong? I do. After all, we are the ones who brought about the religions in the first place.
Reply Mon 31 May, 2010 06:00 pm
prothero;171439 wrote:
Leaving experience and passion out of ones view of the world? I think it is a defect.Smile

But I am not recommending that. You are privatizing the matter. You can have as much passion as you like in your view of the world. But just don't expect others to share your passion for passion. That's all. However, I will point out that it is just by having expunged personal feelings from one's description of the world that science has got as far as it has. Nothing proves the pudding like its proof. For instance, injecting passion into investing is the sure ingredient for disaster. Blake is fine for poetry, but I would not have wanted him to be my money manager. Nor Tao, nor this new philosopher I hear talk of, etc.
sometime sun
Reply Thu 3 Jun, 2010 05:01 pm
Krumple;171389 wrote:

Well what you might call warm god truth, I might see as delusional wishful thinking. I always find it funny that the only science that a majority of theists protest against is the science that directly conflicts with their theology. They never protest any other science and are gladly accepting and using all that other science in their daily lives without an ounce of skepticism. I find this telling. That if you really have a problem with science why are you not protesting all of it? Why only the science that conflicts with your theology? That seems rather hypocritical to object to it only because it conflicts with your beliefs but turn around and rely on it in all other aspects of your life.

You speak here as if science is a religion and that there are not either degrees of science or even bad and good sciences. Right n wrong uns as well. I agree with you in principal, but just like a religion science is not something that has all the answers yet and some sciences are not even any more than delusions. So which science is right and which is wrong or like this answer do you mean to say ALL science is right, or just more right than religion.

Krumple;171389 wrote:

Well if a god was all knowing, shouldn't it know how the events would end?

You mistake God for a prophet, I personally think God is just equipped with all the information so can more easily see the outcome, doe snot go to say God can read the future. That would be our job.

Krumple;171389 wrote:

To not be oppressed by made up stories. To not destroy the psychology of people through bigotry and hatred for not following a made up doctrine. To quit putting people on the other side and having wars with them or killing them because they won't accept your theology. To allow humanity to find contentment amongst itself rather than through an imaginary entity.

For someone who does not believe in God you do keep blaming IT for the actions of man.

Krumple;171389 wrote:

That statement contradicts the bible then. So which is it? Either god hates it that you follow other religions, or god wants you to follow which ever religion? It can't be both and I know for certain that not all Christians would agree with your statement. So which is it?

God want you to follow your best and the best of others, religiously.

Krumple;171389 wrote:

The very end is very much too late and useless since you wouldn't have time to make any corrections. It is absurd reasoning to say that to reveal itself at the end solves all the problems. No it can't solve any problems, it just makes the mistake even worse.

I never said I even think God does solve earthly human problems, or can?

Krumple;171389 wrote:

I have never seen a single miracle.

You don't just need to see it.

Krumple;171389 wrote:

You might see it that way, but there is absolutely nothing that substantiates your claim.

There is nothing that substantiates justice?

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