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Reply Sun 23 May, 2010 05:41 pm
My life has always been ruled by numbers, any time I have made note of numbers in my life they all add up and try to be telling me something, they have all always seemed to synchronise and symbolise around me.

I find it funny and inquisitional that the most ever live chatters in the chat feature here were 12 all present on the 09/09/2009.

Was this a fluke or did something important happen that day?

Do you have a relationship with numbers?
Do numbers seem to relate to you?

Ever found yourself in total synchronisity?

Do you think the universe relates meaning through numbers?
mister kitten
Reply Sun 23 May, 2010 05:50 pm
@sometime sun,
Perhaps there's some doomsday theories awaiting discovery by us philosophers concerning those numbers!

Or coincidence?

I like the number three. (I'm a triangle nerd)
sometime sun
Reply Sun 23 May, 2010 06:16 pm
@mister kitten,
3 is my first number. (I joined here on the 9/27/09, 27divided by3 is 9)

Is superstition of numbers logical? or possibly slightly more logical than just a superstition without them?

What are some mysterious number situations you have been met by?

Is superstiton/mystery provable by numbers?
Reply Thu 27 May, 2010 04:20 am
@sometime sun,
I can totally relate to what your saying. Everytime I see a number, or a group of numbers, i always try to find a relation to where they are used. The movie "knowing" does alot of that stuff aswell.

In the end, it might be random, but atleast it helps constantly exercise the mind.

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