Timing is everything

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Reply Sat 27 Mar, 2010 12:59 pm
@Pepijn Sweep,
Pepijn Sweep;144630 wrote:
I changed the time involved in the firsy place. I try to make the trip pleasent within my finacials and promises made to people. I rather be 1/2 houre early than a minute late. A Tell in some languages.

Or a second counts I doubt. It is infinitely small. Sometime 59 seconds is long; holding U;R breath p.e.

Pepijn V/d BS Sweeps:brickwall:

So it is relative...Is it then a universal equivalent??? Since life is a span of time as well as all our experience I cannot say life is only time, yet it is all the time that matters to each and every one of us...Past and present are imbued with an unreality only because we are not there, and cannot be there, and the further distant past or future becomes unreal in the main...
Pepijn Sweep
Reply Sat 27 Mar, 2010 01:07 pm
U speak so much better English. Wish U Understood my Own Language.
Reply Sat 27 Mar, 2010 03:21 pm
@Pepijn Sweep,
Pepijn Sweep;144715 wrote:
U speak so much better English. Wish U Understood my Own Language.

Would that be Dutch???
Pepijn Sweep
Reply Sat 27 Mar, 2010 04:15 pm
It yust difficult to translate location specific words, dialects.
Ebglish is fine. I did not yoke the language; English developed to international communication. Dutch Language will slowly dis-appear, Apartheid as a sad Example.

Burgher sounds more Sympathic.

Pepijn S;H;Sweep
Pepijn Sweep
Reply Sun 28 Mar, 2010 04:09 am
Extrain;143637 wrote:
The same way a stick appearing to be bent in a glass of water is mistaken. You are certainly free to believe your own perceptions are infallible unlike the rest of us, but you'd be an incredibly egotistical fool if you did.

Considering I am not the one making all these nonsensical and lazy-minded assertions about these deep philosophical topics like the rest of you, but pausing to actually critically think about the seriousness of these philosophical (life) questions, it is difficult to see your point.

What doctrines? And what misconceptions? Now you are actually inventing your own perceptions of me. You need your own reality check.

Oh, I get it. You lay folk reserve the right not to be challenged by an actual practicing philosopher such as myself because we spoil your own ignorance when we perform a critical analysis on the conceptual trainwrecks you leave behind on these forums. Sorry, but that's not how philosophy actually works; nor is your continued failure to use your own critical thinking capacities (assuming you actually have them) my problem.

Wow! LOL! Listen to you go! In spite of your egotistical self-appointed moral high-ground, you sure pass a lot of judgments about me, pal. Your own position stinks of outright moral hypocracy. You might try a little of your own self-introspection before you incriminate my failure to observe your soft underbellied politically-correct standards.

You haven't the slightest clue what the environment looks like in my academic department. We would all laugh at you for nit-picking forum trivilities like a little ol' house-wife who never gets out much. Lol!

---------- Post added 03-25-2010 at 12:26 PM ----------

I'm outta here. The three of you have no interest in engaging in actual philosophy, with zero intentions of maintaining your own intellectual integrity with respect to logical consistency, linguistic precision, and conceptual coherence; nor do any of you have any interest in imparting or advancing a further genuine understanding of the subject matter at all because you stubbornly insist on maintaining your invented incoherent conceptual frameworks whose distinctions no respectable philosopher would maintain anyway.

You belong on a post-modern site discussing how colors are truth, God is a narrative, people are concepts, and words are chickens--not on a philosophy forum. I refer you to where you will feel more at home. The title is fitting too.

The Postmodernism Generator Communications From Elsewhere

Dear mr ExTrain,

I am sorry I got carried away a little. Your example of the stick in a glass of water is incorrect, not complete. I donnot notice this affect with the spoon in my coffee. Some-body must have told you the Laws of Fractions; do not think people stupid because they are different.

With Regards,
Dhr. Mr L. u/d Berg-Sweep bBA, LL.A, etc.

Magister by Change:whistling:


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