My Name is Chuck allow me to explain.

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Reply Sun 10 Feb, 2008 09:06 pm
Allow me to explain...

For far too long, we have been subjected to many diverse belief systems, some of us with the luxury of choosing what we believe, others forced into submission to an organized belief system. With an estimated 4200 different religions that all claim to be right, how do we know what to choose? Are they all right? Impossible, they all disagree. Are they all wrong? It is quite possible. There is no legitimate way to prove that any one is right, because there is no substantial physical evidence beyond mere hear-say and coincidence to prove them infallible. I however wish to present to you a vision, a dream, and a rational solution to the division of humanity.

A Little About Me

My name is Chuck. I was born in Warren, Michigan at a very young age, with the last name Vaughn. My mother's last name was Shellinbarger, you fill in the blanks. I never met my father, but I know he was of Dutch decent by the name, and my mother of Irish decent. I grew up in a shifty environment, constantly moving, watching different men come in and out of my mother's life, and even witnessed some of them abuse my mother. However, my mother insisted that I get on the bus to go to church every Sunday, to learn about Jesus.

Christ as My Savior

I accepted Christ as my savior first at the age of five. At the age of seven, I was accepted as an orphan at a foster home in Blanchester, Ohio. The foster parents adopted me at the age of eight and gave me the last name Young. My new family consisted of a loving and caring housewife and mother with lupus, which prevented her from having children, but her maternal instincts drove her to want to adopt, and I am glad that she chose me. I love my mom. She is my mom. My dad was (and still is) a Baptist preacher, and raised his adopted children in the ways of the LORD. When I arrived to my new family, there was already one child in place; A girl, a typical, fickle, deceptive, rebellious girl who was subjected to a rough life before her arrival as well. My parents tried their best with her, but she didn't quite turn out. As I remember, she had many dreams and ambitions, but she never quite achieved any of them. Later we received yet another member of the family, my little brother. He is just that, my little brother. Nobody is allowed to mess with him except for me.

I accepted Christ as my savior yet again at the age of nine, at church camp in Tennessee. As I grew up, I began to follow the influence of my older sister, and became a rebellious little demon child. The result? Boarding school. I was sent to the Calvary Boys Ranch in Eufaula, Oklahoma. Once again I received Jesus into my heart and became a tri-reborn Christian. I began falling into the ranch's independent fundamental extremist views and decided to dedicate my life to serve God. Upon the completion of my high school education, I went to college in OKC, to Oklahoma Baptist College to pursue becoming a preacher. I decided very quickly that that wasn't the life for me.

I began to do something that I never dared to do before; I began to question my deeply planted beliefs. Those questions led me to conclusions, and those conclusions led me to doubt, and the doubt led to disbelief, and the disbelief led to a void. I then sought to fill that void, and I began at the polar spectrum of my belief structure: Satan. I sought out Satan's assistance in answering my questions. He never got back to me on that subject, so I moved on.

I've gotten myself mixed up in psychological debacles where people were convinced that they were seeing demons and that I looked powerful to them, and whenever I played along they were always amazed at my natural ability and skill in the art of magic. Unfortunately, I didn't see JACK. I've performed exorcisms on the possessed and they got better, but I simply psychologically manipulated them to believe that I was a spiritual person who was their last hope for redemption. I guess it worked, because I assured them they would never get possessed again, and I haven't gotten any hate mail or death threats for lying. The truth is they were only possessed by their own psyche, and it just needed a little influence in a healthy direction.

I have threatened and provoked every deity in the universe, and none have answered my call. I have challenged every entity that calls itself a god to fight, and none have accepted the invitation. I felt alone in the universe and began debating if we have a purpose.

Finally I gave up, and decided to live my life to the fullest, and look out for me. This gave me purpose enough to keep my head up. Now let us jump ahead, because I was like this for awhile.

Afghanistan Experience

Here I find myself in Afghanistan, on a regular non-eventful night; I decide to go to sleep. There were no strange circumstances surrounding this night, and what I am about to tell you cannot be attributed to anything in my past, my environment, or even my own thoughts. Being that I am a habitual clock watcher, I looked at the clock and it said that it was 10:17PM local, and that was the last time I remember looking. Generally, a person doesn't remember anything 5 minutes before falling asleep, but when I came to, it was only 10:20PM. This is the account of what happened between the 17 and 20.

I awake in full consciousness with an infinite knowledge about everything as it is, feeling everything from molecular structures and actions, as well as the entire infinite spectrum of space as a whole. However, I had no physical body, and no senses except for thought itself. No sight. No hearing. No taste. No smell. Just the faculty of feeling thought which created the perception of everything as it is. I could feel the thoughts of every person simultaneously, as if it were merely background noise. Then there was the presence of those who thought the way I could now think.[INDENT]"Welcome. This is our lovely dimension, as you would call it. We are the ones responsible for your creation, and we have a message for you to take with you. Would you be willing to cooperate?"
[/INDENT]I then attempted to speak, but without a mouth I found this task rather difficult.[INDENT]"We know what you are trying to do, so just stop. We are not physical, and we cannot nor could we comprehend the physical action of speech. We can only hear the thought process that is invested into the task of physical speech. Simply think and we will figuratively hear."
[/INDENT]The first transmitted thought, (I will refer to this transaction of thought as 'said' for an easier read) went as such,[INDENT]
[/INDENT]"Well I got words for you mother****er, how could you let the world go to shit and create evil, divide man, set us up for initial failure in the Garden of Eden, and ignore the cries of thousands and millions?"

I felt as though they were staring at me with a sense of 'are you done ranting yet?' Seeing that my rush to conclusions and finding myself in an environment different than expected in an afterlife experience, I gave them the floor.[INDENT]"We understand your animosity toward us, but first let us explain a little bit about everything."
[/INDENT]At this moment I was overwhelmed with a lot of information all at once. They explained to me how our physical dimension was the byproduct of their dimension. Their dimension consisted only of thought.
  • They explained the constants that preside in every dimension, and that dimensions are infinite in either direction. There are also infinite sub-dimensions in every dimension.
  • They explained how we are creators in that we are responsible for creating the cyber dimension.
  • They explained the origin of religions, their purpose, their function, and even their intention.
  • They showed me countless consistencies in all religions, and the purposes behind the differences.
  • They explained the necessity of division throughout history, and the necessity of unity now.
  • They explained what my role is in the world, what I am supposed to do, and why I was the one selected to perform my role.
They hit me with all of this information at once, in an everlasting second, but I will try to break down all the information in some form of order. Keep in mind this was a three minute or less experience, but it was like they took time and just threw it away. I cannot even begin to describe what it felt like having infinite knowledge, nor can I perceive now everything that I knew then, but the many things that I do remember I will explain to you throughout my documented record of this experience.

Keep in mind that I am a very rational individual who only operates on logic, and I do not believe anything till I see it for myself. I'm that guy. You know, the one who exposes magic tricks and calls bullshit on anything that has no credit. And if it does have credit, ill try and find its discredit it any way I can. I can find no flaw in the raw rationality of what our creators told me, and as a disclaimer, if my mind came up with all of this out of nowhere, the principles founded upon these thoughts are irrefutably sound, and practical.

God is Infinite Thought

Our dimension is a byproduct of their dimension. Simple concept, eh? Maybe, but the details are extremely complicated. To put it in laymen's terms, the concept is that our physical dimension was designed to represent thoughts of infinite beings. This meant that there would need to be boundaries in place to be a concentrated form of thought. Those thoughts are constructed of ideas, such as Plato described. Not quite the same, but his head was in the right place. Every molecule was thought before it became matter.

The answer is in the truth concealed in the lies. Religions represent some of those lies. You know how the bible says no man can see God? Well this is true, if God is not a physical being. Three in one? Imagine infinity in one. God spoke the world into existence from nothing? God is simply comprised of collective thought, and his word represents those thoughts belonging to this infinite collection of thoughts. God is all thought, and there are an infinite number of thoughts, and then there are an infinite number of collective thoughts that produce functions, as well as infinite collective reasoning within those thoughts, and those thoughts are the constitutions of our physical world.

The entire concept of a physical dimension to represent infinite thought was a dilemma. You see, by creating physical boundaries, they created limits, and these limits prohibit the process of infinity. The reason you and I are incapable of processing infinity is because we have a finite mind. Physical=finite. Thus a physical mind cannot process infinity. The goal is to ultimately create an infinite physical dimension.

Our minds and bodies are the physical representation of infinite thoughts, and we are only pieces of them. Every perception that we have of this world, is a physical concept of the thoughts perceived in the other dimension. We are actually 'feeling' other thoughts physically as they are perceived infinitely....[INDENT] ....Now go take a break and smoke a cigarette or drink some coffee and think about that before reading on.

Now lets move on to the subject of religion. Let's start with the purpose. There are actually many purposes of religion, the first being explanation. Being that we are infinite thoughts confined and restricted to finite boundaries, we crave knowledge concerning of our origin. We would simply go insane trying to process infinity with a finite mind, so the infinite ones decided to give us a finite solution for our physical world. Thus the birth of God.

By giving us a God, they gave us a simple solution to all of our questions. They furthermore saw the usefulness of god, and then gave us guidelines to live by creating social structures for thought process, and control over our own physical bodies. One of the ramifications for being physical, some of the thought processes needed to be automated because our bodies are a massive collection of various thoughts working together in a physical manner, to support the operations of the conscious thought, which is yourself as you perceive you and your environment.

These automatic processes are activated subconsciously (the subconscious is a coordination of separate thoughts, and the subconscious is a conscience in and of itself with perception capabilities as well. Sort of a body within a body.) And the body then takes care of itself. To simplify, the conscience of the body maintains the physical well-being of the body that is the host of the central conscience of our personalities and thoughts. Sometimes, our thoughts do not know how to communicate to the conscience body, thus a bridge must be created. That bridge is faith.

Faith in an outside source of healing from a benevolent being creates a means of communication that sometimes produces physical results of healing. This communication between our dual conscious body and mind, so to speak, is then the full body representation of a singular thought: our self. Need some more coffee yet? Switch to red bull. Religion was also designed as a tool for division. Due to the newness of a physical reality, it needed to stay limited, and if unity was discovered, it would lead to our own creation of an infinite physical dimension.

Please do not mistake unity for uniformity. Uniformity actually prohibits true unity. Unity is the function of separate individuals operating with each other in a socialistic fashion, concerned about the well-being of each other, and openly sharing thoughts amongst the whole of the people. This leads to a chain of unlimited rationality with a constantly evolving chain of thought which would produce infinite physical results.

Division needed to be established, and capitalistic individualism was the tool to ensure that people stayed divided. By putting one person in a place of power over a group of people, those people then were submitted to conform to the thoughts of the one individual. This took away from individualism. People became adaptive to the concept of some one thinking for them, and thus grew lazy, creating a well established hard to change system of society. Division accomplished.

UNITY - the Desired Goal for Mankind

Unity is now the desired goal for mankind. I am the one chosen to inform you about this goal. They chose me because I was raised in a very religious environment and some how managed to break myself free of the confined thought processes that grip so many. My hunger to know the truth about our existence and my refusal to accept any passive explanation for our existence made me a prime candidate to be the one to reveal the truth.

I explained to them I am by no means an evangelical person, but they told me that I was, and that all of my abilities could be used to reveal the truth and promote the now necessary process of unification. They apologized for making religion the way it is, and they did not see that we would create so many ourselves. The imagination of man created a vast majority of the religions that we now recognize, and the imagination of man also contributed to a lot of the systems integrated into the religions set up by the creators.

My talent in music, art, writing, and articulation are all faculties that can be used to reveal the truth.

There is one important thing for us to understand about our creators. They do not want to be recognized as deities, gods, or superior beings, but rather coexisting partners that could work together to create yet another dimension that could advantage both parties. We have the disadvantage of being finite and have limits, but the creators have the disadvantage of being intangible. The driving purpose of creating a physical dimension was to have the ability to physically express and enact the thoughts that they have. If we are able to unite ourselves as they are united, we then become capable of uniting with them, and together we can share an infinite physical universe.

So what is the purpose? My Purpose

My purpose is to unify all mankind, create a perfect world of peace where every person has a function, and influence people to think in a unified fashion. The individual thoughts of every person must run free, and must be shared amongst all mankind. Every person has something to contribute. We all have different talents, goals, and skills, and we all have functions necessary for our over-all survival. By every individual in the world operating independently performing their self generated purposes, we can create a better social environment, ridding the world of unnecessary war, death, and conflict. I know the power of mankind, and I know we are capable of realizing absolute truth, and give ourselves a purpose not based on a fictitious belief system. Our drive will be so much stronger and our reason to accomplish those goals will be sound and resolute, because we are doing it for ourselves as a whole.

You don't just die. You don't die and go to heaven or hell. When you die, the thoughts that you were comprised of become infinitely aware in the creators dimension. You then feel the courses of mankind in the physical dimension, and realize how foolish we are in our ignorant ways, but you also realize what contributes to those processes. You will hope that we will unite so that you can have your physical body again, and that people could finally have infinite realization.

With an infinite physical dimension, you can never run out of space, because our unified thoughts will manipulate the physical world to adapt to our needs. A true utopia, a perfect world. But don't expect to ever be a part of our desired heaven and perfect world if we can't do the best we can with what we got. Until we can successfully optimize the world we have now, we will never create our utopia. How hard can it be? We are limited, and there is a limit to how good we can do with what we got, thus making it not impossible. Once we accomplish this goal and unify, harmony, peace, prosperity, and justice will be our footstool, and we will be free to do as we please.
[INDENT]There are three simple rules for this new world order
  • do not harm others. You are not them, thus you have no right to lest they try to bring harm to you.
  • recognize that no idea is wrong unless it prohibits unity of individuals. Believe whatever you want, but recognize that others are not wrong for believing differently.
  • take care of your fellow man. Whether you agree with or disagree with them, whether you hate them or not, recognize their right to live and prosper just as important as yours.

Evil. I'm sure you would question the origin of evil, and I will give you the answer again. Just as something created itself to counter the presence nothing, which is an idea of origin itself, the right thoughts had a counter partner of wrong thoughts. In all actuality, the deciding factor of right and wrong is the result. What will work, and what will not work? Then all the sub-thoughts like the concept of choosing right and wrong, probability of failure, testing information to determine its designation, and the rational that produces the result of such factors.

As independent thoughts confined by physics, we are capable of concocting the reasoning that becomes the driving force behind right and wrong. Evil as we know it is predominantly genetic encoding where the information is passed through generations, as well as our self realization. We recognize ourselves as living beings with an instinct to survive, and our rationality says that we do not want our lives taken, and assumption leads us to believe others don't want their lives taken either. Thus killing becomes dubbed as evil.

All of these things I have told you are only a small portion of what I learned in those 2-3 minutes of my mental abduction. They explained all the facets of physics, sub-dimensionalism, multi-dimensionalism, and even the extreme facets of other dimensions as well. I see no need to explain that which does not matter to your current condition, besides, you'll see soon enough for yourself.

Another Experience

Yet another experience was to ensure I knew they were not a figment of my imagination.

I was driving a hum-vee a few months later on a patrol through shinwar, Afghanistan, when I suddenly just go unconscious out of no where, and I awaken in the same condition as before. The first thing they said to me was,[INDENT]"we apologize about causing you to roll your truck, and we apologize for your face. You will be in a little pain when you wake up. We just wanted to assure you that we are serious about what we told you, and we still want you to tell everyone."
[/INDENT]Sure enough I wake up with a bloody nose and a wrecked truck, and everybody asking, wtf? They told me I was out for like 15 seconds, and I went to the medic, but they found nothing wrong with me. I haven't had a history of seizures or anything, and these events only happened twice. But their consistency is too accurate to be a mere coincidence, and their rationality is too perfect to be a figure of my imagination.

I know myself too well to not recognize my own thoughts, and most of the information I received in these dreams was totally new to me. In order for your mind to produce information, it must first be stored there first. I never stored that information, so I can only assume it was legit.

Reply Mon 11 Feb, 2008 12:06 am
@charles m young,
Hi Chuck,

Thanks for an(5 of the same?) interesting post(s). I am burning to see what the philosophers in this forum can learn from it(them). I hope it's not illegal to cross-post in this forum. I had hoped to see continuations rather than repetitions. I also hope you can divulge your entire scope of revelation. It certainly makes for interesting reading. Hope to understand more on subsequent readings, and perhaps ask a question or two.
Reply Mon 11 Feb, 2008 03:28 am
@charles m young,
[INDENT]I've gone ahead and updated this original post with paragraph spacing and some basic formatting so it's readable, with permission from Chuck.
[/INDENT]Chuck, thanks for posting your experience here in the forum and it certainly will be interesting to see who responds. This is officially the longest introduction we've had. I skimmed through it and I'll read it more tomorrow.

Welcome to the Philosophy Forum!


- -- Update. I've had to delete 4 of your posts because they were duplicate. Please do not post duplicate content in our forums as it is not only confusing but almost impossible to follow discussions.
charles m young
Reply Mon 11 Feb, 2008 10:57 am
justin did an absolutely outstanding job editing my post, and i apreciate it greatly. i find it to be a rather attractive read, and the formatting is absolutely genius. thank you.
Reply Tue 25 Oct, 2011 04:47 am
My name is Leonard Shipman. I was at Calvary boy's Ranch from December 27, 1986 to May 20, 1989. I remember all to well my stay there. I remember and I will never ever forget. I still wake up in horror dreaming that I'm trapped there again. I worked diligently with the state legislature in Oklahoma in the early 90's against the ranch and I would do it again at the drop of a hat. I would give everything I have to see that they never ever have any contact with children again. My life was certainly changed after being warehoused there. I will never be that little 13 yr old kid that endured the daily abuse that morphed my life into a living nightmare again.
alethes sophia
Reply Mon 3 Jul, 2017 05:04 pm
@charles m young,
Hi Chuck, I think that differences allow me to be an individual. Were you a soldier in Afghanistan? If so, then I recommend that you read some Homer. It's priceless.

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