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Reply Sat 12 Dec, 2009 11:22 pm
(Not sure if this belongs here but it is a general and broad question)
As always, answer all or one or none.

Why do we see science as something that will rob us of our spontaneous soul?

Why cant a spontaneous person be scientific, or at least understand himself in terms of formula science rather than faiths possible amorphism alone?

Why is science in so many cases the death of the soul when surely science in the best case and use and ultimate conclusion shall prove the soul, (or wont even touch it), even if just by showing all there is and gives realisation of what one man always has and is left with?
(Show the entire universe and reason, we will still be left with the conclusion of soul or at least as consciousness, we are conscious dont cha know? we are living, we are not robots)

I suppose you should start by destinctioning what science is, rather than means for the time being.
Is science also 'meaning' or no more than mathematical, statistical, computerised axioms robbing ones existence of all meaning?

The inverse (or what i call polarity), why do we (or not) fear God or soul?

As much as the other?

With both usually what we are told to fear, but what is our first independant thought or notion or concept or belief, mathematical or spiritual?
So this lends or leads to the question; What comes first science or spirit?

Are we robots or are we beings?
Is science only the perpetual motion of what who we are? or is it Godlike therefore self creating believing?

Why is there even a battle when both are just trying to find truth?
Reply Sun 13 Dec, 2009 05:19 am
@sometime sun,
This is just a quick response and so not terribly well thought out...but I think a lot of people polarize it because many people who have "popularized" science have also made it a point to point out that faith has no business in the realm of well-executed science...A point with which I'm prone to agreeing.

But we've then taken that to mean that to have faith at all is illogical and therefore unwanted. And from there...from there a person's spirituality begins to slowly fade.

It's not the science that has done it, or the scientific method, or anything like that...it is the absence of acceptance that there are things we don't understand and probably won't within our lifetimes...it's the absence of wonder at those things that causes the soul to get put on the backburner.

Just some thoughts.

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